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How to correctly assemble a Pop Up Stand

Pop Up Display Stands are still a sought-after choice for the exhibition hall. They are easy to use, ideal for transportation and can be used by almost anyone.

Follow our basic instructions and things to look out for when assembling a Pop Up Exhibition Stand.

Unpacking the Pop Up Stand

Starting from the beginning and to make sure you have everything, it’s important to unbox and empty all components out on the floor and sort them into sections. A basic Pop Up Stand kit will have a frame, magnetic bars and printed panels.

Once you’re confident you have everything, the assembly can commence.

Erecting the Pop Up Stand frame

Next, it’s time to get familiar with the Pop Up frame and to get the foundation for the rest of the display right. As the name suggests the Pop up frame opens up on a pop open type system and connects in the centre with multiple strong magnets.

Once the magnets have been connected, there are a few things to check;

  • Are the red hooks at the top of the stand? If so, that means that stand is the correct way up. If the red hooks are at the bottom of the stand, you need to flip the stand the other way around.
  • Is the floor even? We know this can’t always be helped but if the stand isn’t levelled right, there could be an issue with panel line up.

Attaching the printed panels

When unpacking the box, you may have noticed the panels are numbered, so you have a clear starting point. Once panel 1 is in place, the rest of the panels should be a breeze.

Panel 1 will be a D end, which is the end panel and once in place creates a D Shape. It’s important to have this panel correct, so the remaining panels end up into the designated places.  

One side of the panel must hook on to the first hook you can find on the back of the stand, the other hook in the top corner of the panel will then connect to the first hook on the front of the stand.

The front panels are then attached to the front of the frame and finally, on the opposite side of the stand you’ll repeat the process when attaching the second D end panel.

Adding the upgrade kit

The upgrade kit for the Pop Up Stand includes a graphic wrap and acrylic top for the case. The acrylic top simply sits within the lip and gives the standard black lid a glossy finish.

A graphic wrap, wraps around the case so the carry case can be used as an exhibition counter. Sit the graphic wrap on the lip at the bottom of the case and attach at the back with the already fitted magnets.

Panel Tips

  • The stoplight media printed panels are finished with a matte laminate which is scuff resistance. But in the event you do have a mark, they can be easily cleaned.
  • Pop Up Stand panel media can be affected by temperature. Try and get the panels to room temperature to eliminate any curling issues.
  • When storing the panels, don’t roll them too tightly as this can cause permanent curling.