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Mama Mila: Follow The Rule Of Thirds To Make Any Outfit Flattering

The secret to making any outfit flattering: Mum shows off her two-second trick – and it works every timeCleaning and styling ‘queen’ Mama Mila reveals her secrets to dress flatteringlyThe mum-of-two’s secret is to always follow the rule of thirds when dressingThe rule requires you to create visual interest at the top third of the body This flatters and breaks up an outfit and can be done with a belt, sash, tie or tuck She said dressing in this way elongates and flatters ‘any body shape or size’By Sophie Finn For Daily Mail Australia

Published: 22:52, 17 November 2022 | Updated: 04:22, 18 November 2022

Style guru Chantel Mila has shared her secret tip to ensure an outfit flatters ‘any body shape or size.’

The Melbourne mum-of-two, who is more commonly known as Mama Mila, believes that following the rule of thirds will compliment your figure and ‘elevate’ your outfit.

The secret is to create interest at the top 1/3 of your body with a visual aid to break up an outfit, this can be done using a belt by tying a shirt at the midriff or tucking in your top.

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Chantel Mila AKA Mama Mila, has revealed her method to make every outfit more flattery for ‘any body shape or size’. She believes following the rule of thirds is the secret way to ‘elevate’ your outfit

The mum-of-two demonstrated the method on her own body. She first tried on a white top over denim mom jeans. She followed the rule of thirds by tucking the top into her jeans, which served to accentuate her waist and break up the outfit

The mum shared the tip to her popular TikTok account.

‘Have you heard of the rule of thirds?’ she asked her followers, stating that its the most ‘simple way to elevate your outfit.’

‘If you find that your outfits aren’t sitting quite right, try creating visual interest at the top 1/3 of your outfit to elongate and flatter.’

The mum said a variety of methods could be used to create a visual break 1/3 of the way down the body.

‘This could be with a belt, tie or tuck that creates shape. It’s perfect for any body shape or size.’

Chantel demonstrated the rule of thirds by trying on different outfits and showing how much more flattering they look when the first third of the body is emphasised.

The mum first tried on a white long-sleeved top over denim mom jeans, she then tucked the top into her jeans, which accentuated her waist. She did the same trick with a tight top and shorts. 

She then tried on a blue pin-striped dress and tied a sash around her waist to make the dress more tailored and flattering.

Her last outfit demonstration was a black t-shirt with black bicycle shorts, she tied a beige jumper around her waist to break up the outfit and emphasis her upper body. 

How to follow the rule of thirds:  * Create a visual break on the top 1/3 of the body

* This can be done by adding a belt, tucking in a top, tying short ends together or tying a sash around the waist

* This means that the top will take up 1/3 of the body, and bottoms will account for the other 2/3 

Chantel’s followers were delighted with the tips.

‘amazing tips,’ one woman said.

‘Love this Mila,’ another wrote.

The mum often shares her styling tips with her followers.

Recently, she shared a little-known hack to shorten a belt without having to buy a new one.

The mum said all ‘the simple trick’ requires is a hair elastic the same colour as your belt. She attaches the over-long end of the belt to the body of the belt using the elastic.

She previously revealed the best way to tie a coat to accentuate your figure and look ‘effortlessly chic.’

She wraps the coat’s belt around her hand several times, creating a small loop before pulling the belt through – which allows her to cinch in the waist much more.

‘Ok but this actually looks so much better,’ one of her followers said about the clever tip.