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Home » Mum Who Caught Her Husband Having An Affair Reveals Ten Signs Your Partner May Be Cheating On You

Mum Who Caught Her Husband Having An Affair Reveals Ten Signs Your Partner May Be Cheating On You

Wife who caught her husband of 15 years cheating reveals the signs yours might be too – and the clues you might be the ‘other woman’A mum has revealed the top ten signs your partner is ‘definitely’ cheating on you She hired a private investigator to catch her partner of 15 year having an affair The woman she he suddenly was glued to his phone and always at the gymOther signs included not wanting to have sex and showing no interest in your life By Louise Allingham For Daily Mail Australia

Published: 00:27, 7 November 2022 | Updated: 01:27, 7 November 2022

A woman whose partner of 15 years had an affair has revealed the tell-tale signs yours might be cheating too. 

From suddenly dressing better and hitting the gym to being constantly glued to their phone, the anonymous woman told Mamamia there are 10 signs your partner is ‘definitely’ cheating on you.

The mum had to hire a private investigator to finally catch out her husband, who was the father of her children, having an affair after he repeatedly denied it. 

A woman has revealed the signs a partner is cheating after catching her husband having an affair. She said he suddenly was glued to his phone and changed his notification settings

She said she ‘put up with’ her husband’s changing behaviour and would believe the ‘many many excuses’ he gave her but she knew in her gut something was wrong. 

After struggling to get the truth out of her husband, the mum hired a private investigator who found proof of his infidelity from some video surveillance footage. 

She said hiring the investigator was her ‘lifeline’ that helped her reclaimed her power, kick her husband out and be free of stress she had been in as a result of her partner’s secrecy and hostility. 

The mum listed the signs she realised in hindsight were clues of her husband’s cheating starting off with hitting the gym more often. 

10 signs your partner is ‘definitely’ cheating on you  1. They start going to the gym a lot

2. Their undies get an update

3. Their entire appearance gets an overhaul

4. Mobile phone habits change like being constantly on WhatsApp, being stuck to their hand ‘like glue’, the ‘last online’ function is switched off and they keep the password a secret

5. Snoring suddenly stops

6. They start cutting themselves out of your friendship group activities, they avoid your mutual friends and their ‘work events’ increase

7. Not answering their phone while they are out

8. They come home smelling like perfume

 9. They don’t want to touch you, be touched by you, or have sex with you

10. They no longer show interest in your life or sharing their life with you

Source: Mamamia 

She admitted frequent gym visits may not be indicative of anything suspicious in itself but paired with everything else in the list could ‘require further investigation’.

The woman said her other half’s ‘daggy undies’ got an update and there was a ‘big shift’ in how much he cared about his outward appearance. 

One of her biggest red flags was how much a partner’s phone habits change when they strike up a secret relationship. 

She said her husband was ‘constantly’ on his phone, taking it with him everywhere, never leaving it out of his sight, and while he hadn’t been a big texter before, suddenly WhatsApp was his ‘new lifeline’. 

The anonymous writer said her husband’s wardrobe got an ‘update’ from his shoes, clothes and even his underwear as he started caring more about his outward appearance

Key signs that you are the other woman or man * Dates are spontaneous and there are no long-term plans 

* Most of your phone calls happen during the day 

* Evening correspondence will be via text and there will be delayed replies

* You are likely to have never been to their house or met family or friends 

* You don’t go to venues near their house 

* They will likely pay with things in cash a lot of the time 

* They will react defensively if you question them too much  

The mum said his notification’s setting changed so he no longer had message previews and he turned off the function that allowed contacts to see when he was ‘last online’ so she couldn’t tell when he had been using WhatsApp. 

The man also got surgery on his throat to stop his snoring without consulting or telling his wife, began cutting himself out of friendship groups and avoiding mutual friends while there was a ‘huge’ increase in work-related social events.

The sign that the mum said will ‘require the most therapy’ to get over is that her husband suddenly avoided all intimacy with her from small touches to sex.