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Notorious American Anti-Semite Arrested At Auschwitz Is Accused Of Abusing US Troops

A notorious American anti-Semite who was arrested at Auschwitz has now been accused of abusing US troops and telling black soldiers to ‘stay away from white women’ in a video shot at a mall in Poland.

The horrific video showed a man recording himself hurling racist and homophobic vitriol at a group of U.S. soldiers, who appear to show considerable restraint while ignoring their abuser.

After going viral on social media, many people including YouTuber Jamesons Travels, accused Jon Minadeo Jr. of being the man behind the camera. 

And after the accusations were thrown his way, Minadeo, a known anti-Semite, posted a link to the clip on the right-wind social media site, Gab.

Instead of denying that he was the one behind the vile abuse being dished out in the Polish shopping mall, he encouraged his fan base to ‘wreck’ the YouTuber’s comments. He wrote: ‘BOOMER ALERT!!! WRECK AND GAS COMMENTS LETS F*****G GOOOOO!!!’ 

Just months ago, Minadeo, 39, was arrested in Poland for wearing a swastika necklace and posing with vulgar banners that taunted Jewish leaders outside the front gate of Auschwitz. During World War II, Auschwitz operated as a concentration camp where an estimated 1.1 million people were exterminated.

Notorious American anti-Semite, Jon Minadeo Jr (right) who was arrested after demonstrating outside Auschwitz in September has been accused of abusing US troops and telling black soldiers to ‘stay away from white women’ in a video shot at a mall in Poland

A video, which surfaced on YouTuber Jamesons Travels account and on Twitter, has been credited to Minadeo who posted a link to Jamesons Travels video on Gab, an American alt-tech microblogging and social networking service known for its far-right userbase

Minadeo is the founder of the American extremist group Goyim Defense League and is often seen posting racially motivated posts on the alt-right social media platform

In Minadeo’s horrific Auschwitz stunt, he held up a sign reading ‘Greenblatt suck 6 million d***s.’ Both signs in the picture refer to Anti-Defamation League (ADL) CEO Jonathan Greenblatt, who has been leading campaigns against antisemitism in the U.S.

Nazi iconography, hate speech and the promotion of totalitarian states are illegal under Polish law and carry a prison sentence of up to two years.

A press officer of the Auschwitz Memorial said that the two suspects ‘illegally burst’ into the site on August 27 and ‘escaped immediately after taking out the hidden messages & taking the pictures.’

‘Got handcuffed & arrested in Poland today for (((Hate Speech))) regarding Aushwitz [sic],’ Minadeo wrote in a separate Gab post. ‘Just got released tonight with a fine and my chains and computer temporarily confiscated. Life’s good! You can’t keep me down Jews! #HandsomeTruth.’

Minadeo, who leads an anti-Semitic network called ‘The Goyim Defense League,’ had earlier posted a video showing him verbally attacking a South Asian man near the Atrium Reduta Shopping Center in Warsaw.

‘I am from America,’ Minadeo says. And in America … there’s too many of you guys here. So why are you in Poland? Do you think you can just invade Poland? Why don’t you return to your own country?’

He continues to bother the man, who tries to ignore him: ‘How come you don’t go back to your own country? Why don’t you go back to your own country? Why are you here? Why are you here? Why don’t you go back to India? Are you from India? Sir, just answer. I just want to know. I can film you … this is my country. I’m European and Europeans want to know why you think you have the right to invade our country.’

When the man asks Minadeo to stop filming, he accuses the man of ‘f*****g up Europe,’ calls him a ‘parasite’ and tells him that he should leave ‘my country.’

‘This is my country,’ Minadeo claims. ‘I’m European. Why are you coming to the white man’s land? You’re genociding our race … You’re an invader. Go home, invader. We don’t want you in Europe … Poland for Polish only.’

The man first gets the soldiers’ attention by asking ‘you guys Americans’ in the now-viral video

After the man filming said ‘stay away from those white women’ to the black soldier, one of his friends comforted him by patting him on the back and continuing to move him toward the exit

The new footage which went viral on social media this week shows the moment four men wearing Army gear with the American flag exercise restraint after being confronted by the man inside a Polish shopping mall. 

The man filming asks the group about whether they are in Poland to spread ‘George Floyd culture,’ and what they think about the U.S. health secretary being a ‘f***ing t****y.’ 

He then hurls abuse at the black soldier in the group, warning him to ‘stay away from those white women,’ and that ‘miscegenation used to be a crime in your country.’ 

The man behind the camera – who bizarrely has an American accent – follows up by saying ‘you’re in a white country now, we don’t worship n*****s and Mexicans.’ 

The video that has been slammed on social media, quickly sparked outrage – with more than one million people watching.

In the two and half minute video, the man repeatedly attempts to antagonize and bait the U.S soldiers into responding, using targeted language and questioning tactics. 

The clip starts with the man approaching the four soldiers and asking ‘you guys Americans?’ to which the men respond ‘yes.’

He then immediately asks the group ‘you guys here to spread sodomy or what? Isn’t that what America’s number one export is?’

The group initially laughed off the abuse – immediately turning their backs on the persistent man filming them.

The soldiers maintain their composure as they are being confronted by the man in the mall

The men all wear U.S. Army brigs with the American flag on them in the video 

The person filming, who does not appear in the footage, follows his initial sodomy question and says ‘what is it, is it George Floyd culture or is it sodomy’ referencing the ‘number one export’ he had previously mentioned. 

He later asked the group ‘are you guys here to spread ‘the anal’ before saying ‘isn’t that what you guys learn in your training?’

As the soldiers continue to walk away, the man once again attempts to goad them into a response from another angle.

He asks ‘what do you think about your health secretary being a f***ing t****y?’ 

The unidentified man appears to have been referencing transgender U.S. Health Secretary Rachel Leland Levine. 

‘What do you think about defending a country that has no meaning to being a citizen?’ he then asks. ‘Any Mexican crossing the border is literally one of you.’ 

The men appear to talk amongst themselves, walking in pairs, still ignoring the filming man. 

One of the soldiers appeared frustrated after the man said: ‘you’re in a white country now. We don’t worship n*****s and Mexicans’

The soldiers continue to walk together throughout the video and successfully ignore the man

As the group approaches the exit of the building, the man decides to try one more approach by making a racially targeted comment at the lone-black member of the group. 

‘Keep Poland white,’ the man is heard saying – getting no response.

‘Stay away from those white women. Hey, stay away from those white women.’

The soldier briefly turns around before his friend puts his hand on his back and comforts him, ushering him toward the exit. 

The man then continues to try and provoke him and says ‘miscegenation used to be a crime in your country.’

Miscegenation is defined as the the ‘interbreeding of people who are considered to be members of different races.’

In a reply tweet with a second video, the filming man yells at the group: ‘you’re in a white country now, we don’t worship n****** and Mexicans.’

At that point, the man who had been walking with the black soldier began to turn around, looking frustrated at his statements. 

The black soldier then comforts him back, patting him and pushing him away. 

The video ends with the unidentified cameraman yelling ‘you’re not welcome here, guys,’ as the men leave him behind. 

Twitter users lauded the soldiers for their restraint one user said: ‘To the American soldiers – I could not be more proud of you if you were my own sons.

‘You walked with dignity and courage. Thank you so very much for your service and your honor. You make the United States proud every day.’

Another said: ‘That just pissed me off. He has nothing else better to do but be racist.

‘He decided to pick a fight with the most important people of our nation. He was salty from the start when they were ignoring him so he started to be even more racist.’

The soldiers appeared in lock step as the man continued to hurl racially and homophobic comments at them throughout the video

The video ends with the men completely walking away from the man who had followed them 

The men have since been praised by Army officials and social media users for their refusal to engage with the man who was looking for a reaction

Newsweek recently spoke with U.S. Army’s director of media relations, Terence Kelley, who said the matter is under investigation at this time. 

Kelley said officials are investigating the video’s authenticity, as well.  

He said: ‘The U.S. Army expects all Soldiers to abide by the Army Values, on duty and off.

‘We commend all Soldiers who demonstrate discipline and restraint when confronted by provocative behavior.’

The responses, or lack thereof, from the soldiers garnered praise from those who came across the Twitter thread. 

‘Thank you for posting this. All too often, those service members who choose the harder right over the easier wrong go unrecognized,’ said verified Twitter user Charlotte Clymer. 

‘Proud of our boys for keeping their composure,’ wrote another. 

‘This is the military I know and served in. I served 22 yrs with people like this. The restraint…the reassurance…in the midst of hate from what sounds like an American or Canadian. THIS IS WHAT WE DO,’ wrote one person. 

California hatemonger Jon Minadeo Jr berated this South Asian man for more than four minutes on video, calling him a ‘parasite’ and demanding that he leave ‘my country’

In one particularly ugly video, Minadeo harangues a South Asian man he sees outside a Warsaw mall, telling the man that he should go back to his own country