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Home » Queen Camilla Visits London Homelessness Charity To Learn About Its Work Creating Women-Only Spaces

Queen Camilla Visits London Homelessness Charity To Learn About Its Work Creating Women-Only Spaces

The Queen Consort was told that her recent ‘big promotion at work’ has ‘not gone unnoticed’ during a visit to a London homelessness charity today.

Camilla, 75, visited The Emmaus Community at Bobby Vincent House in West Norwood, which has been supporting rough sleepers by providing them with a home, meaningful work and funded training for almost 15 years.

During the engagement, a staff member said to the royal: ‘It clearly hasn’t gone unnoticed to any of us Ma’am that you’ve recently had a big promotion at work. So we’re extremely proud and grateful that you’ve chosen to join us and our community’.

The Queen Consort has been a patron of Emmaus UK since 2006, and has toured many of its communities across the country which have been helping the homeless, known as ‘companions’, for decades.

Queen Camilla (pictured) stepped out in a navy blue coat as she visited The Emmaus Community at Bobby Vincent House in West Norwood today

Today’s visit follows yesterday’s release of a new Netflix trailer for Harry and Meghan’s docuseries, in which Prince Harry astonishingly accused the Palace of ‘lying to protect my brother’ and claimed he and Meghan were the victims of ‘institutional gaslighting’ in his most incendiary attacks on the Royal Family yet.   

However, continuing with her royal duties amid the explosive trailer’s release, Camilla visited the organisation to learn about its plans to diversify its support, with the charity conducting research to better help female rough sleepers and see if women-only provision is a possible answer. 

The Queen Consort stepped out in style for the engagement, donning a navy frock coat with a Mandarin collar, and black knee high suede boots to keep out the chilly December weather.

She finished her look wearing her trademark natural make-up look, pairing a fresh, polished base with a soft pink lip and dark eyeliner. Meanwhile, she styled her blonde long bob into soft waves. 

Camilla kept her jewellery simple, donning pearl earrings, alongside her wedding and engagement rings. 

The royal (pictured during today’s visit) has been a patron of Emmaus UK since 2006, and has toured many of its communities across the country

As part of today’s visit, Camilla toured the organisation’s facilities (pictured here with Head of Business Rachael Burton)

During her visit, the Queen Consort gave an off-the-cuff speech in which she praised the organisation, noting that she has visited its centres ’13 or 14′ times over the years.

She also pledged that if the charity does open a women’s-only facility, she will come and open it.

While at her engagement, she also looked at donated furniture and home furnishings in the boutique shop of Emmaus SLC, revealing that she is a thrifty shopper who has bagged a bargain in a charity shop.

Speaking to the charity’s head of business Rachel Burton Queen Camilla added: ‘I know with all these shops they never give me enough time to look around, all the furniture is so useful. I’ve picked up some nice pieces.’

The royal donned a navy frock coat with a Mandarin collar as she braved the bracing cold during today’s London engagement (pictured)

While at the organisation, the Queen Consort, who has been a patron since 2006, also gave a speech (pictured)

She also praised the organisation’s work saying: ‘It’s an incredible charity, you don’t believe it until you see it’.  

The first Emmaus Community was founded in Paris in 1949 by Abbe Pierre, a Catholic priest, MP and former member of the French Resistance.

The winter of 1954 was a particularly harsh one and Abbe Pierre became incensed when he heard that a baby and a woman had frozen to death on the streets.

He launched a press and radio appeal and the people of Paris responded with gifts and support and Emmaus became a major international charity.

But it may also need to provide greater support to those homeless suffering mental health or drug dependency issues. 

Camilla was snapped signing the visitor book today, as she visited the Emmaus Community at Bobby Vincent House in London

As she arrived at the centre, her 13th or 14th visit to one of the organisation’s centres, the Queen Consort greeted staff, companions and trustees

James Hayes, chief executive of Emmaus SLC, said there were beds available in the accommodation it provides but added: ‘It’s not as if homelessness has been eliminated.

‘What we’re finding, in order to live and function in the community you need to be willing and able to work, your support needs to be relatively low and what we’re finding is there are plenty of people who need our support but they need a much more enhanced service offer and that’s how we need to adapt.’

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