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Home » Jake Paul Vs Tommy Fury LIVE: Boxing Start Time, Stream, Updates, Undercard Results

Jake Paul Vs Tommy Fury LIVE: Boxing Start Time, Stream, Updates, Undercard Results


ROUND 4: Ziyad Almaayouf vs. Ronnald Martinez

Martinez showed tremendous guts, but it’s clear he felt the pace of this frenetic shoot-out as the round wore on. He found himself against the ropes on numerous occasions eating right hands, but his chin held firm.

Incredible output from both men. A very exciting four-rounder all said and done. Almaayouf was knocked down in the first, but he seemed to win the three rounds that followed meaning we should see the hometown hero get his hand raised.

Tommy looks relaxed ahead of this evening’s clash…


ROUND 3: Ziyad Almaayouf vs. Ronnald Martinez

One thing is for sure, Martinez has one hell of a chin! And he’s incredibly dangerous on the inside with his right uppercut. Still, Almaayouf, on home soil, has found his range and timing and is doing the cleaner work. 

The left jab has worked wonders for Almaayouf in dictating proceedings. Martinez is dangerous, but his square stance and flagrant guard makes him a hard read, as well. Another round for Almaayouf – all square.

Mike Tyson seems to be enjoying himself…

Logan Paul says ‘legacies’ are on the line tonight…


ROUND 2: Ziyad Almaayouf vs. Ronnald Martinez

This is only a four-round contest and after being knocked down in the first, Almaayouf found himself on the backfoot with ground to make up. He fought like it too; putting his punches together to close the distance and get in close with some whipping hooks, Martinez lost his momentum.

Both fighters are going all out, but this was Almaayouf’s round.


ROUND 1: Ziyad Almaayouf vs. Ronnald Martinez

Martinez knocked down Almaayouf with a counter right with around 45 seconds left in the round, but the Saudi Arabian managed to answer the count to survive. When Martinez went in for the kill, he walked into a right hand himself! What an explosive round.

Almaayouf, in just his second professional fight, continued the trend of the night by starting fast and hurting his opponent. A chopping right hand connected early, but the 19-year-old Martinez managed to weather the storm well with snappy one-two combos.

The closing sequence showed this is anyone’s fight.

RING WALKS: Ziyad Almaayouf vs. Ronnald Martinez

Third fight of the night is about to get underway. Some Queen – We will rock you won the crowd over from Almaayouf


Logan Paul is about to go WWE on Tyson Fury…

Logan Paul was interviewed backstage ahead of his brother Jake’s clash with Tommy Fury and when asked about Tyson Fury’s potential showdown with Oleksandr Usyk, the man behind Prime stated he was going to knock Tyson out…

In fact, he said he’s going to RKO him! Randy Orton would be proud.

Cristiano Ronaldo is in the house…

Tommy Fury says he’s 100 per cent ready for tonight…


Tyson Fury is feeling confident that Tommy will knock Paul out

Jake Paul is in the house!

Jake Paul is seen entering the venue wearing a balaclava to indicate the ‘robbery’ he is about to pull off against Tommy Fury. He’s also seen sporting a ‘Problem Child’ necklace as he makes his way to the changing rooms. 

Logan Paul, Deontay Wilder, and Devin Haney have all arrived…


ROUND 1: Muhsin Cason vs Taryel Jafarov

THE FIGHT IS WAVED OFF BEFORE THE SECOND ROUND GETS UNDERWAY! Jafarov’S corner advised the ref to call the fight off after discussing with the 36-year-old. 


ROUND 1: Muhsin Cason vs Taryel Jafarov

Cason landed a dangerous jab to send Jafarov crashing to the canvas in the opening seconds of their fight. Jafarov struggled to recover from that blow and spent the rest of the round trying to survive.

While Cason tried to capitalise on the early blow by pinning Jafarov into the corner an unleashing a series of deadly combinations.  

Meanwhile, Logan Paul takes to Twitter…

I’d bet my equity in Prime that Jake Paul beats Tommy Fury tonight

— Logan Paul (@LoganPaul) February 26, 2023 RING WALKS: Muhsin Cason vs Taryel Jafarov

Muhsin Cason and Taryel Jafarov have made their way into the ring for the second fight on this evening’s main card. 


ROUND 1: Bader Samreen vs Viorel Simion

TKO WIN FOR SAMREEN! Wow – what an impressive performance for Samreen. He came out of the blocks flying and landed several body shots before finishing his opponent off with a strong right hand. Simion dropped to the canvas immediately and the ref waved the contest off after looking into his eyes. 

As a result, Samreen has maintained his undefeated record – having previously beaten the likes of Shakur Stevenson, Scott Quigg, Denys Berinchyk, Gary Cully, Zelfa Barrett and Harlem Eubank.

SCORING UPDATE for Fury vs Paul

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury will have WBC open scoring tonight with both teams informed of the judges’ scorecards after round four (halfway through the fight). WBC also have VAR to review any contentious refereeing decisions on video if needed.

— Michael Benson (@MichaelBensonn) February 26, 2023 RING WALKS: Bader Samreen vs Viorel Simion

The main card is about to get underway with Bader Samreen vs Viorel Simion. Both boxers are in the ring and look focused. They will be responsible for setting the tone this evening. 

Michael Buffer shares his thoughts ahead of tonight’s fight

Tommy looks focused ahead of this evening’s clash

Carl Froch shares his thoughts on Jake Paul


John Fury’s fighting talk ahead of this evening’s clash

John said: ‘All those so-called professionals from our own country, that’s disgusting by the way. When I see them, I’m going to personally slap them straight in the teeth, for going against a professional athlete – who’s fighting a YouTuber!

‘But that’s what they deserve, I’ve got no respect for them whatsoever. I never want to see any of them again, they’re useless at what they do, and they all want sacking.’

Boxing stars of past and present are arriving

Tommy and Tyson are both in the house!

Tommy and his half-brother Tyson have arrived at the venue ahead of this evening’s highly anticipated clash. The 23-year-old looks focused – game face is well and truly on. 

Paul reacts to Drake’s bet

KSI has lumped money on Paul to beat Tommy

KSI has lumped money on Paul to beat Tommy. He took to Twitter last night to say: ‘Make sure you win mate @jakepaul. I need to make as much money as possible for when I get to knock you out myself.’

Molly-Mae and daughter Bambi will not be attending this evening’s fight

Tommy’s long-term girlfriend Molly-Mae and their daughter Bambi will not be attending this evening’s fight. It appears they are still in the UK as Molly-Mae shared a snap of herself and their daughter on FaceTime to Tommy. 


JEFF POWELL: Fury risks leaving boxing in the gutter if he falls to Paul

Fury is fighting for the very dignity of boxing this evening when he finally comes glove to glove with social media creation Paul.

Defeat in the Saudi desert for Tommy Gun would not only beget personal humiliation but bring to a grim crescendo this week of excruciating embarrassment for the hardest game on earth.

Boxing has been walking on egg-shells since that convoluted and legally constricted ruling by the WBC to the effect that Conor Benn’s failed drugs tests may have been a consequence of devouring a volume of Mother Hen’s output so enormous as to have slain an ox with cholesterol.


Breakdown of how much Fury and Paul have made in the ring

Sportsmail have broken down how much both Paul and Fury have made inside the ring ahead of their clash this evening. We have also taken a look at their glitzy lifestyles and analysed their net worth.


Main card gets underway at 7pm but here’s what’s happened so far…

Just half an hour to go until the main card starts. So far we have had: Ziad Al-Majrashi vs Phillip Quansah, Ragad Al-Naimi vs Perpetual Okaidah, Philip Samson vs Salman Hamda. While Adam Saleh vs Stuart ‘Evil Hero’ Kellogg are set to get underway soon. 

 Al-Majrashi secured a win on his professional debut by beating Quansah on points. While Ragad Al-Naimi made history by becoming the first Saudi woman to fight in Diriyah . She went on to beat Okaidah by KO. 

Salman Hamda also beat Philip Samson by KO. However, Samson last just one round before the fight was waved off. 

Mike Tyson backs Paul to beat Fury this evening

Mike Tyson has weighed in on who he believes will win the bout between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury this evening. 

The former world heavyweight champion has said he does not think Fury has what it takes to beat his opponent – despite admitting he has never seen him box.

Speaking to Boxing Social, Tyson said that Paul is only getting better as a boxer and will be too much for Fury.


Tyson gives a Fury family pep talk ahead of Tommy’s fight

A ‘script’ has leaked online ahead of Paul and Fury’s bout

A supposed ‘leaked script’ for the bout between Paul and Fury has surfaced online just hours before the fight in Saudi Arabia. 

There are claims being made that the bout has been rigged prior to the event occurring and the ‘leaked script’ suggests that former Love Island star Fury will lose the fight via TKO.

However, Skill Challenge – the promoters for Paul vs Fury – have confirmed to Sportsmail that the document is fake. 


Tyson Fury is taking in the football ahead of Tommy’s clash

Tyson Fury took to Twitter to celebrate United’s opening goal against Newcastle. If you’re interested in following the game – check out our live runner here. 

Drake places $400k on Paul to knock out Fury

Drake has gone big on fellow social media star Jake Paul to beat Tommy Fury in this evening’s long-awaited clash. 

The Canadian rapper put a $400,000 wager on Paul to not only beat Fury, but to do so via knockout. If it is to come to fruition, Drake will earn himself a cool $1million profit. 


There’s a lot on the line for Tommy this evening…

There is a lot riding on this evening’s fight for Tommy. His half-brother Tyson and his father John have made it clear they will disown him if he loses. 

Tyson and John have said Tommy will have to change his name and stay in Saudi Arabia is he loses to the ‘Problem Child’. 

Therefore, Sportsmail have looked at Tyson and Tommy’s relationship ahead of this weekend’s highly anticipated fight.  



Tommy Fury vows to knock Jake Paul out

Tommy Fury said: ‘I am in boxing and have goals to be a world champion, so if I am to do that, I can’t be dodging people like Jake Paul. Believe you me the past two fights didn’t happen because of it being out of my hands.

‘Third time’s a charm and we’re here. I’m in super fit condition and I am ready to go and put this all to bed.

‘For the last two-and-a-half years all it has been is, ‘when are you fighting Jake Paul?’ and to even mention my name in the same sentence as that is disrespectful to me who has been boxing my whole life. I am going to clinically knock this guy out early.’


Jake Paul mocks Tommy Fury’s prior opponents

Jake Paul said: ‘He is a good boxer, I give him that credit. He is fast, he has got length and is strong. He looks like the Michelin man or something, but there’s nothing he can do to stop me.

‘He doesn’t have power. He couldn’t knock Daniel Bocianski, or knock out the taxi drivers he has been put in there with. He has never been put in there with someone who wasn’t there to lose.’

Full fight card and the running order for this evening

5pm – Ziad Al-Majrashi vs Phillip Quansah

5:30pm – Ragad Al-Naimi vs Perpetual Okaidah

6pm – Philip Samson vs Salman Hamda

6:30pm – Adam Saleh vs Stuart ‘Evil Hero’ Kellogg

7pm – Main Card begins – Bader Samreen vs Viorel Simion

7:30pm – Muhsin Cason vs Taryel Jafarov

8pm – Ziyad Almaayouf vs Ronnald Martinez

8:45pm – Ilunga Makabu vs Badou Jack – WBC cruiserweight title

10pm – Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury



Hello and welcome to Sportsmail’s live blog for this evening’s clash between Tommy Fury and Jake Paul. This fight has been a long-time coming and we’re expecting some serious fireworks in the ring. 

We’ll be bringing you round-by-round coverage of the fight, as well as updates from the undercard. So, make sure you stay tuned.