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Home » Police Capture Swan Taken From Harbour By A ‘drunk Man’ – In Scene Just Like The Movie Hot Fuzz 

Police Capture Swan Taken From Harbour By A ‘drunk Man’ – In Scene Just Like The Movie Hot Fuzz 

Call Sandford Constabulary! Rural police force capture swan which was taken from harbour by a ‘drunk man’ – in scene just like the movie Hot FuzzDevon police officers were forced to escort an injured swan to the vet last nightThe incident has drawn parallels to the iconic scene in 2007 movie Hot Fuzz By John James For Mailonline

Published: 09:16, 2 February 2023 | Updated: 09:51, 2 February 2023

Devon police officers found themselves living out the plot of the 2007 comedy Hot Fuzz after they escorted an injured swan to the vet in the back of their squad car. 

The infamously bad-tempered bird had got into a spot of bother in Plymouth harbour last night and been rescued by a ‘drunk man’. 

After straying into the road, the large bird was hit by a car and sustained injuries reported PlymouthLive.

Police were swiftly called to the scene where they found the whining swan and a crowd of concerned locals – who had reportedly wrapped the distressed animal up.

After placing it in the back seat of their car, the officers drove the animal to the vet – where it is now on the mend.  

The injured swan was escorted to the vet and is now being nursed back to health 

A similar incident was made famous in a scene from 2007’s Hot Fuzz

Sharing the news of their escapade on Twitter, a Plymouth police account said: ‘Not your usual prisoner! 

‘Report of a swan being removed from the harbour by a drunk male before it being involved in a collision on Mutley Plain. 

‘Taken to the vets where they are nursing it back to health.’

Naturally the incident was quickly likened to Edgar Wright’s 2007 comedy Hot Fuzz. 

In the film, bungling village coppers Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are charged with arresting a swan. 

Relying to the tweet, a parody account for the film’s fictional Sandford police force said: ‘ 

In reference to the film’s complainant, one said: ‘Was the call made by a Peter Ian Staker?’

Another asked: ‘Just the one swan?’

One laughed: ‘Further confirmation were it needed that Hot Fuzz is actually a documentary.’   

Naturally the responses to the incident were filled with Hot Fuzz references 

A spokesperson for Devon and Cornwall Police said: “Police were called at 6.20pm yesterday to Mutley Plain following reports that a swan had been removed from the harbour by a man, who had left the area prior to police arrival.

“It was reported that the swan had possibly been hit by a vehicle. Members of the public had wrapped a blanket around it and called the vets. It was taken to the vets by officers and left in their care.”