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SARAH VINE: I Hate To Say It, But I’d Rather Watch One Of Harry’s Worth Docs

SARAH VINE: Wasn’t the coronation about Charles and Camilla? All we’ve seen are William and Kate, wafting through KP in Hollywood-style videos… all, dare I say it, a bit manipulative. I’d (almost) rather watch one of Harry’s worthy documentariesBy Sarah Vine For The Mail On Sunday

Published: 03:59, 14 May 2023 | Updated: 03:59, 14 May 2023

Correct me if I’m mistaken, but wasn’t the Coronation about King Charles and Queen Camilla? 

This video featuring the Prince and Princess of Wales and their charming children, seems a teeny-tiny bit premature.

Don’t get me wrong, we adore them. In particular, the Princess of Wales is, at every turn, the picture of perfection – impeccably turned-out, stunningly beautiful, stylish – as this short film reminds the world.

We see her greeting crowds on The Mall in a chic white dress; arriving at the Coronation Concert with the kids, edgy in an asymmetric red jacket and beachy blow-dry; and again, on the big day itself, resplendent in her official robes.

She wafts through Kensington Palace, with its stylish lamps and plumped-up cushions, before lifting the hem of her dress to step into the waiting car.

DAZZLING: The Princess of Wales is seen dressed in her Coronation finery, including the Royal Victorian Order mantle, in a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the family’s preparations for the event

ANXIOUS DAD: William arrives to ask his children if they’re ready to leave for Westminster Abbey

Next, she’s in skinny jeans, helping Prince Louis with a wheelbarrow and getting stuck in with the Scouts.

Prince William, meanwhile, is the very image of Royal duty. Striding manfully on to the stage at the Windsor Castle concert, pledging his allegiance to his father, putting a protective paw around his wife’s willowy waist, assisting his children. Showman, statesman, husband, dad. Hurrah!

It’s lovely, and they really are an idyllic family – but there’s something just a bit too slick about it, a bit too party political broadcast. A bit, dare I say it, manipulative.

Was the Hollywood-style video really necessary?

We all know that William and Kate are the future. Nobody doubts that. Charles is an old king, coming to the throne in his twilight years. 

TIARA TRIUMPH: Princess Charlotte is all smiles in the film

SMART LAD: Prince Louis at Kensington Palace in his blue tunic

PROUD: Prince George with mum at the Coronation Concer

Nevertheless, this was his and Queen Camilla’s moment, not theirs. By starring in a video produced by a man who boasts about having ‘a portfolio of world-leading clients’ and creating ‘story-led branded content’, it feels… well, a bit ‘look at me’.

There is an element of Netflix-style narcissism that makes me slightly uneasy. And though the footage shows us a lot, it actually tells us very little about the Waleses. 

It’s superficial, one-dimensional, like one of those adverts you see on TV in foreign hotels extolling the virtues of this or that tourist destination.

I hate to say it, but I’d almost rather watch one of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s worthy wildlife docs. But maybe I’m wrong. Maybe this is exactly what everyone wants to see – the Princess of Wales up close in slow motion, from as many different angles as possible.

Shortly after the video’s release, we were treated to another film, of Kate playing a grand piano in a bright blue off-the-shoulder gown with last year’s Ukrainian victors of Eurovision.

Truly a 24/7 megastar Princess.