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Home » Britain Gets Ready For ‘hottest Day Of 2023 So Far’: Temperatures Set To Soar To Sizzling 27C

Britain Gets Ready For ‘hottest Day Of 2023 So Far’: Temperatures Set To Soar To Sizzling 27C

Britain gets ready for ‘hottest day of 2023 so far’: Temperatures set to soar to sizzling 27C as sun-seekers brace for ‘Iberian plume’ blastBy Jessica Hamilton

Published: 12:57, 5 June 2023 | Updated: 14:31, 5 June 2023

The UK weather is expected to reach scorching temperatures this week and could see the hottest day of 2023.

Wales and southwest England could see temperatures as high as 26C and 27C on Thursday thanks to an ‘Iberian plume’, according to the Met Office.

But those living on the coast and in the east of England may see cloudy spells, while the south of England could see showers towards the end of the week. However warm sunshine will remain in most of the UK.

Met Office predicts scorching temperatures and high UV index in the UK in June, warning Brits to protect their skin

Met Office meteorologist Greg Dewhurst said: ‘There will be lots of dry weather, with sunnier skies always in the west and cloudier skies in the east.

‘Going forward, temperatures are going to be similar if not a little bit higher towards the end of the week.’  

‘The west-east split will be continuing with temperatures as well, so in western parts of the UK, temperatures will rise to around the mid-20s while the eastern side of the UK is more likely to see mid to high teens.’

Today’s forecast reads: ‘A cloudy start for central and eastern areas, with the cloud slowly burning back towards the east. Western areas seeing the best of the sunshine where it will feel very warm in places.’ 

Highs of 21C are being recorded, making Monday slightly cooler than Sunday’s hot spell, but temperatures are expected to pick up by the end of the week.

Tuesdays weather forecast reads: ‘Clouds slowly burning back to the east, but some places remaining rather grey and chilly throughout. 

‘Best of the sun again in the west, where it will feel warm.’ 

Warm weather continues in London as woman heads to Wimbledon common to soak up the Sunday sun

Glasgow Botanic Gardens was packed with people enjoying the mid-20 temperatures 

People enjoying the June weather at Bournemouth beach as Dorset destination records one of the highest UK temperatures

From Wednesday to Friday temperatures are to remain stable with the sunniest areas in the west, but a chance of showers in the southwest on Friday. 

From Friday onwards temperatures are near to above average, however the south of England may see more showers than the North.

The end of June predicts occasional heavy rain or thunderstorms in the south, with temperatures expected to remain above average. 

Many people have enjoyed sunshine across the UK this week, with the highest temperature recorded as 25C in Porthmadog Wales according to Sky News.

Other places have been reported to have reached 24C, including Bournemouth in the south of England, Castlederg in Northern Ireland and Glasgow.