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Viewers Praise TalkTV Host Andre Walker For Throwing TikTok Tearaway Mizzy Off Air

Viewers have praised a TalkTV presenter for throwing TikTok tearaway Mizzy off air in a row about a ‘threatening look’ he was accused of giving a fellow guest.

Host Andre Walker fumed at the social media personality, whose real name is Bacari-Bronze O’Garro, demanding security remove him while furiously throwing his papers in the air.

The 18-year-old troublemaker was asked by fellow guest and political commentator Reem Ibrahim if his antics have encouraged the kinds of behaviour that could lead to people getting injured.

O’Garro stared at her in what presenter Walker said was a ‘threatening’ way. 

But speaking to MailOnline, Mizzy has today denied claims he did anything wrong, saying: ‘The whole time Reem Ibrahim was smiling and I didn’t even do anything but give her eye contact while I was thinking about her question’. 

Social media users praised Mr Walker for removing Mizzy from the programme, with one writing: ‘That’s the first time an actual adult man has given him a proper telling off. Well done.’

TikTok tearaway Mizzy was thrown off news channel TalkTV this evening by furious presenter Andre Walker (pictured) after he accused the influencer of ‘threatening’ a female guest

Mizzy (right), whose real name is Bacari-Bronze O’Garro, appeared on Walker’s show this evening along with political commentator Reem Ibrahim (left)

Others echoed the comment, saying: ‘Well done that male presenter!’ and ‘This is what our society needs.’ 

Another wrote: ‘Well done @andrejpwalker’ 

During the programme, which aired last night, Walker said:  ‘You stare at another guest again and I’m going to personally remove you. I’m not taking the mick’.

‘You glared at her in a threatening fashion. You do that I’ll drag you out by the hair and you can be as hard as you pretend you are.

‘You apologise to her right now or you’re leaving.’

Mizzy turned to Ms Ibrahim and said: ‘You know I respect you but I’m done here.’

He then got up from his seat and left the studio.

‘Good riddance to bad rubbish,’ Walker said. ‘Threatening guests does not happen on my show under any circumstances.

‘Reema I’m very sorry but the way he glared at you was not acceptable. We never should have had him on the show, I didn’t even want him here.

Another viewer praised Walker’s intervention, saying: ‘That look at Mizzy’s face proves that nobody has ever checked him before, good job for the interviewer’.

‘#Mizzy or #Misery Thank you for stepping in and protecting your female guest Reem, who #Mizzy twice stared down during the interview’.

Not all the comments online were positive however, with a minority believing that Mr Walker went too far.

Twitter users voiced their opinion on the clip, praising the presenter

The majority of viewers have praised Walker for his reaction to Mizzy’s interview on TalkTV

Mizzy handed a criminal behaviour order last week after a series of pranks that included bursting into people’s homes and cars without permission

One user criticised the host’s reaction by saying: ‘Wow this was unhinged & disrespectful from Walker.’

Twitter users then hit back at the claims, with one arguing that it was ‘completely justified’ and to ‘stop defending’ him.

Another wrote: ‘In what way is calling out bad behaviour unhinged and disrespectful? Strange comment.’

Mizzy wrote via his personal Twitter account, @mizzyisbanned: ‘The Truth always comes out in the end. Look at how this guy switched up after agreeing with me. 

‘He got mad because he couldn’t get me mad and the women next to me was smiling because she was fine and finding it entertaining. #mizzy’

O’Garro, from Hackney, east London, previously appeared at Thames Magistrates’ Court last Wednesday and admitted failing to comply with a community protection notice. 

This followed a series of vile ‘pranks’ on social media which included him stealing a pet dog, asking a stranger if he ‘wanted to die’ and jumping on a passer-by. 

He sparked outrage with his antics, culminating in him putting a family ‘at risk’ by barging into their home with others while their young children were present, pretending he was trying to find a study group. 

Judge Charlotte Crangle issued him with a two-year criminal behaviour order (CBO), including that he must not directly or indirectly post videos on social media without the documented consent of those featured in the content.

Previous stunts by O’Garro, 18 and from Hackney, have seen him cycle into the back of a Sainsbury’s storeroom, which customers are forbidden from entering. 

He has also posted videos of the same ‘prank’ at branches of McDonald’s and  Greggs – filming himself as he walked into the staff areas at the back of the shops before posing.

Other pranks include him walking into unsuspecting people’s houses and taking hats off the top of strangers’ heads in the street.