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Ruby Franke 8 Passengers Slammed On TikTok After Making Her Six-Year-Old Go Hungry At School

My six-year-old daughter has to make her own lunch for school or she goes hungry – it’s the only way she’ll learnYoutuber Ruby Franke slammed after clip re emergesIn the clip she refuses to take lunch to her six-year-oldBy Belinda Cleary For Daily Mail Australia

Published: 01:51, 3 July 2023 | Updated: 02:24, 3 July 2023

A mother has been slammed for forcing her six-year-old daughter to ‘go hungry’ after she failed to make and pack her own lunch before school.

In the video which resurfaced this week the mother-of-six and YouTuber Ruby Franke said she got a text from her daughter’s teacher to tell her she didn’t have any lunch.

The mum said she gets similar texts ‘from time to time’ but refuses to drop lunch off at her school because doing so wouldn’t teach her anything.

‘Her teacher is uncomfortable with her being hungry and not having lunch and it would ease her discomfort if I was to come to school with a lunch,’ she said.

She responds to let the teacher know her young daughter was responsible for making lunch and had told her it was packed, so she wouldn’t be helping.

Youtuber Ruby Franke said she got a text from her daughter’s teacher to tell her she didn’t have any lunch

She added she hope ‘nobody steps in’ to give the six-year-old food. 

‘The natural outcome is that she is just going to have to go hungry,’ she said.

‘My hope she will be hungry and come home and be like “that was really painful being hungry all day I’ll make sure to always have a lunch with me”,’ she added.

The to-the point video has gone viral on TikTok with hundreds of parents slamming the strict mum over her choices. 

‘If I were a mum I would be so uneasy knowing that my baby was going hungry,’ one woman said.

‘If she was a teenager then fine, but Eve was six when this happened,’ another blasted.

A third claimed: ‘Her kids are going to stop talking to her when they are older’. 

Others questioned what could be more important than heading to school with some lunch.

‘Children cannot learn if they are hungry. Their focus then gets pulled to the fact they are hungry rather than the lesson being taught,’ one woman said.

Some slammed the mother for her comments around others helping her child.

‘I hope no one gives her food – Girl Bye!’ wrote one.

Teachers chimed in too.

‘I would be filling out a report if a parent had this reaction to me asking them to fulfill basic needs,’ said one.

Some people defended the choice.

The children, pictured here making their own lunch, are often punished for their behaviour  

‘I mean honestly, my mum would have done the same thing. I’m not a fan of this family but she should have packed her lunch,’ one woman said.

‘She lied about packing it – suffer the consequences,’ said another.

At the end of the original YouTube video the mum makes a charcuterie board with chopped bananas, cheese and vegetables.

She called out to the youngster to let her know afternoon tea was ready and to come down and eat. She then made a point of discussing how the six-year-old hadn’t had any lunch with the rest of the family. 

The mum demanded her daughter give her attention and made her promise to bring her lunch to school in the future 

She then makes her daughter tell the camera she plans on bringing snacks to school in the future before letting her eat. 

The mum has been slammed for her other choices – including not taking the youngster to school when she ‘didn’t wake up by herself’. 

‘This is nothing compared to some other stuff I have seen on their channel,’ said another.   

The family have not been active on YouTube for over a year.

Old fans have questioned their disappearance: ‘What happened to this family?’