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Storm Babet News LIVE: UK Weather Latest As Body Of Woman, 57, Recovered From River In Scotland As Towns Are Evacuated Amid Torrential Downpours And 80mph Gales

By Mark Duell and Danya Bazaraa and Oliver Price and Rhiannon James

Published: 06:46, 19 October 2023 | Updated: 23:28, 19 October 2023


Video shows river smashing against bridge as storm brings chaos to ScotlandDramatic video taken in Scotland on Thursday show a raging torrent smashing against a bridge amid storm Babet.

The footage was taken in Angus Glen, near Killiemuir, by estate manager Dee Ward who called it ‘scary’.

Elswhere, massive waves were seen smashing aganst oil platforms in the North Sea and trees were torn down by high winds.

Humza Yousaf pays tribute to woman killed in stormScottish First Minister Humza Yousaf has paid tribute to a 57-year-old woman who tragically died in Storm Babet on Thursday.

The woman’s body was sadly pulled from a river in Angus at around 4pm, after police were called to reports someone had been swept ino the Water of Lee, Glen Esk.

Writing on Twitter, Mr Yousaf said: ‘Such sad news. My thoughts are with the family, friends and loved ones of the woman who has sadly lost her life.’

Residents asked to evacuate by emergency servicesSome residents in the Scottish town of Stonehaven received kocks on the door from the emergency sevices this evening as they were asked to evacuate.

The Aberdeenshire town is covered by a red rain warning, with the Met Office warning that flash flooding could cause a danger to life.

Mass train cancellations expected to last from Thursday until SaturdayMass train cancellations have been imposed by ScotRail, and are expected to last from Thursday until Saturday.

The storm could bring up to 220mm of rain in some areas of eastern Scotland, an amount close to the highest ever 24-hour total for a ‘rainfall day’, Met Office figures show.

The storm is expected to rage overnight and into the weekend, with amber warnings for wind and rain issued for parts of northern England, the Midlands and northern Wales from noon on Friday to 6am on Saturday.

Transport disruption is also expected in these areas.

Rest centres set-up in Angus, Scotland for people to shelter from the stormAngus Council, responsible for a large area in the east of Scotland north of Dundee, said residents in 335 homes in Brechin and a further 87 homes in Tannadice and Finavon will be asked to evacuate due to risk of severe flooding.

Three rest centres have been set up in the area, with people urged to take their own sleeping bags, pillows and blankets.

Fire crews and the coastguard have begun evacuating residents from the town of Brechin – knocking on residents’ doors advising them to leave the area.

Angus Council said schools will be shut on Friday to “ensure the safety of children, young people, parents, and school staff”.

PICTURED: Waves crash over the harbour wall in StonehavenYellow weather warning for rain in LondonA yellow weather warning for rain has been issued for parts of south-east England inlcuding the capital city.

This means jouney times are likely to take longer and road closure are to be expected.

Transport could be impacted with delayed or cancelled train and bus services.

There is also a chance that some homes and businesses could be flooded.

Scotland’s Deputy First Minister warns the worst impacts of the storm are yet to comeDeputy First Minister Shona Robison said: ‘Storm Babet is still in its early stages and the worst impacts are yet to come.

‘Protecting the public is our immediate priority and we are co-ordinating a national effort to ensure that people are safe.

‘The red warning has been expanded to cover further parts of Scotland and we expect weather conditions to deteriorate seriously overnight. Our message is clear – if you live in the areas covered by the red warning, please stay at home and do not travel, unless advised to relocate to a rest centre.

‘With weather warnings in place for much of the country, I would urge everyone to be vigilant and to exercise extreme caution. No matter where you live, please make sure you stay up to date with conditions affecting your area.

‘If you need to travel in a yellow warning area then make sure you can travel safely and that roads and services are not impacted.

‘We are working with partners across the country, including emergency services, the voluntary sector and energy companies, to make sure that we mitigate disruption as much as possible.

‘However, we are clear that there will be considerable disruption and we expect to launch a major clean-up operation as we move into the weekend.’

Body of woman, 57, recovered from Angus riverPolice have confirmed the body of a 57-year-old woman has been recovered from a river in Angus.

There’s currently a red weather warning in place in parts of Scotland, including Angus.

At 1:45pm today, officers were called to the Water of Lee at Glen Esk. The body was found at 4pm.

A force spokesperson said there were ‘no suspicious circumstances’.

They added that a report would be submitted to the procurator fiscal.

River bursts over a bridge in Angus GlenVideo footage filmed in Angus Glen showed a river bursting over a bridge.

Estate manager Dee Ward, 58, said the river near Killiemuir, Angus, was ‘scary’ and he wanted to raise awareness of climate change.

Mr Ward said: ‘It is quite scary, we get these seasons now where we get really bad storms blowing in from the Atlantic.

‘What I’m noticing is the rainfall is much heavier, we had heavy rain from about 8am.

‘It’s just accumulated, the river rises very quickly.’

RNLI advises people not to visit the coast of ScotlandMichael Avril, RNLI Regional Water Safety Lead Scotland, said: ‘The forecasted strong winds along with heavy rain are likely to cause very dangerous conditions on our coastlines around Scotland.

‘The RNLI is advising people in Scotland not to visit the coast during this time in order to stay safe. It is a possibility that by being too close to water and cliff edges in these conditions could knock you off your feet or wash you into the sea. It is not worth risking your life.

‘If you see someone else in danger in the water at the coast, call 999 and ask for the Coastguard. If inland, call 999 and ask for the appropriate emergency service. Advise them to float to live and don’t go in the water yourself – you will end up in difficulty too.’

The RNLI advice is:

• Do not visit stormy, wintery seas and cliff edges.

• Follow emergency service advice around essential travel.

• Please do not take risk by putting yourself, family, friends and rescue services in danger by visiting the coast.

• In an emergency call 999 and ask for the emergency services.

Blustering winds and heavy rain in Shropshire Britain braces for ‘wettest ever day’ as Storm Babet barrels downBritain is bracing for its wettest day ever as Storm Babet continues to cause chaos across Britain with cancelled funerals, 10,000 homes left without power and 80mph gales.

A map issued by the Met Office reveals how the UK will be drenched as a result of heavy rain which could pose a ‘risk to life’.

The storm could bring between 200 and 220mm of rain in some areas of eastern Scotland, where some resident have been told to leave their homes. This is close to the country’s highest rainfall on record which peaked at 238mm in Sloy Main Adit in Argyll and Bute on January 17, 1974.

Cleanup underway in Co Cork in Ireland after Storm Babet carnageThese pictures show the cleanup getting underway in Co Cork, Ireland after Storm Babet caused carnage.

Photos show diggers being used to clean up rubble, broken furnutire lining the streets, and skips being filled up with destroyed items on Main Street in Midleton.

Taoiseach says flood relief scheme in Co Cork ‘being progressed’ but warns against cutting cornersIn Ireland, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar said that a flood relief scheme for Midleton in Co Cork was ‘being progressed’, but that the government ‘can’t cut corners’.

‘The anger and frustration is entirely understandable, and I can identify with it,’ he said.

‘We’ve done about 50 flood relief schemes, places like Douglas, places like Togher, places like Bandon. They work – there’s another 90 that are in progress.

He added: ‘We can’t cut corners on them. There are environmental issues. There are very often objections to the schemes. And very often they end up in court as well.

‘This one here in Midleton, preliminary works are done already, the environmental assessment is underway, and we intend to put in a planning application for next year.

‘But we can’t control whether or not people object, we can’t control the environmental issues.’

Scottish Police chief warns against any travel in areas hit by Storm Babet red weather warningCommenting on the extension of the red weather warning for Storm Babet, Police Scotland Assistant Chief Constable Stuart Houston said: ‘Our advice is to avoid any form of travel in areas covered by the red weather warning.

‘Driving conditions will be extremely dangerous with disruption expected.

‘It’s important that everyone considers the amber warnings that still remain in place for rain and wind. This will present a particular challenge to high-sided vehicles – so please consider whether these journeys are essential.’

Stein Connelly of Transport Scotland – who described the storm as a ‘rapidly moving situation’ – said: ‘The advice from Police Scotland is that people should avoid travel in the red areas.

‘Stay home if you can. If you need to make essential trips in the amber areas – expect a high level of disruption to the transport network.

‘Resilience partners, road-operating companies and transport operators are working hard to keep the network open – and the public can help us by planning ahead and by following the latest advice.’

Taoiseach visits flooded properties in Co CorkOver in Ireland, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has said the government will be offering a financial package to homes and businesses damaged in floods during Storm Babet.

Mr Varadkar visited some affected in Midleton, Co Cork. He said: ‘It’s very, very hard to know what to say. I visited a few places affected by floods in the past but this is particularly bad. Water levels rose very high, the water came very quickly, and of course, a lot of the water is dirty. So a lot of damage done here is to homes as well.

‘But we’re not just here as a government to just to express solidarity, we’re here to help. So we’re putting in place a financial package to help homes that are affected, businesses that weren’t insured – clearly a lot of damage to roads and bridges as well and they’re going to need to be repaired.

‘So we’re going to make sure that that help’s on the way and finally, just really want to express my thanks to all of the people who work in the emergency services, the public services, all the volunteers.’

Met Office warning over ‘damaging winds’The Met Office has told how ‘damaging winds’ are now affecting Scotland, and has issued this map showing the maximum gusts in the worst-hit areas:

Aberdeenshire Council postpones funeralsFunerals have been postponed until next week by Aberdeenshire Council due to Storm Babet.

Leisure centres, recycling centres, and vaccination centres all closed early due to the red weather warning, and will be shut on Friday.

Rest centres were set up at Stonehaven Community Centre and Mearns Campus at Laurencekirk in a ‘proactive approach to safeguard community health and wellbeing’ in anticipation of the worst weather.

Preparations are being made for additional rest centres in Aberdeenshire, and the local authority is looking into providing food for those who use them.

Burials are being postponed until ‘at least Monday next week’, as the council said ‘it is neither safe for mourners or staff’.

Limited supply of sandbags in Angus areaAngus Council said it has a limited supply of sandbags for residents and is prioritising the people and properties who are most vulnerable.

Sandbags, available at certain roads depots, are limited to 20 per resident while stocks last.

Pictured, local home owner Ron places sandbags in front of his house on River Street in Brechin, which is being evacuated:

Aberdeenshire Council will set up rest centresAberdeenshire Council said it will be setting up rest centres in Stonehaven and Laurencekirk for residents unable to remain in their homes.

A spokesperson said: ‘It has been confirmed that rest centres at Stonehaven Community Centre and Mearns Campus at Laurencekirk are being stood up from around 4pm in a proactive approach to safeguard community health and wellbeing before the worst of the weather is upon us.

‘We are working closely with emergency services, community partners and resilience groups around the readying of additional rest centre facilities should they be required across Aberdeenshire.

‘Council services are discussing the potential of a limited catering offering, should it be required.’

Breaking: Wind gusts hit 77mphThe highest wind gust recorded during Storm Babet so far has been 77mph at Inverbervie in Aberdeenshire this afternoon, reports BBC Weather:

Gigantic waves smash into Aberdeen todayThis extraordinary video shows huge waves striking Aberdeen this afternoon, ahead of the Met Office red warning for North East Scotland which begins at 6pm:

Council confirms evacuation of 400 homesAngus Council is evacuating more than 400 homes in the red weather warning area of Storm Babet ‘for their own safety’.

The council said: ‘Over the past few days, resilience colleagues have been working with Sepa to identify areas at most risk of flooding due to the unprecedented level of rain that is expected to fall across Angus.

‘Sepa have advised of a possible severe flood warning. As a result, we have identified approximately 335 homes in Brechin, and an additional 87 homes in Tannadice and Finavon where residents will be asked to evacuate for their own safety.’

Those affected are advised to attend three rest centres that have been set up in the area.

New Met Office maps reveal weather warningsStorm Babet is lashing Britain with warnings of major flooding, landslides and the prospect of record amounts of rain. The storm is expected to bring 70mph gusts and more than a month’s worth of rain in the worst-affected regions in Scotland today.

It will then head to the North, Midlands and East of England tomorrow. Here, the Met Office has issued updated graphics showing all the weather warnings:

Angus Council opens rest centres Angus Council is opening rest centres for ‘anyone who needs shelter or who has been asked to leave their home’.

The council said in a statement: ‘Three rest centres will be open from 3pm on Thursday October 19.

‘Anyone who needs shelter or has been asked to leave their home can come to one of our rest shelters at: Brechin Community Campus, Montrose Sports Centre, Forfar Community Campus.

‘Please bring your own sleeping bags, pillows, blankets and any medication you need.’

Angus Council staff in ‘atrocious conditions’The Lord Provost of Angus Council, Brian Boyd, said his thoughts go to all residents affected by the severe weather in the area.

At a livestreamed council meeting, Mr Boyd said: ‘At this time I would also like to say my thoughts go to all the Angus residents affected by this storm today.

‘I also thank all members of staff working in these atrocious conditions, keeping our residents as safe as humanly possible.’

A motion was moved at the meeting to adjourn until Tuesday because of the ’emergency situation’.

Breaking: 10,000 Scottish homes lose powerAround 10,000 homes in Scotland have lost power due to Storm Babet, according to the Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN).

The energy provider said it had restored services to 7,000 homes. Posting on X, it said it was ‘working to reconnect’ around 3,000 more properties. It warned customers not to touch damaged equipment and said it had extra staff to help.

Environment Agency clears debris screensEnvironment Agency officers are out clearing debris screens to reduce the flooding risk during Storm Babet as it sweeps in with heavy rain and strong winds:

Huge waves crash into Stonehaven todayPhotographer Jeff Mitchell took this stunning photographs of waves crashing over the harbour at Stonehaven in Aberdeenshire today, within the red warning area:

What are the latest storm weather warnings?As promised, here is a rundown of the latest weather warnings in place for Britain:


6pm today until 12pm tomorrow: Rain, eastern ScotlandAMBER WARNINGS

Now until 6pm tomorrow: Rain, eastern ScotlandNow until 9am tomorrow: Rain: northern ScotlandNow until 6pm today: Wind, North East Scotland12pm tomorrow until 6am Saturday: Rain, northern EnglandYELLOW WARNINGS

Now until 12pm tomorrow: Wind, northern ScotlandNow until 11.59pm Saturday: Rain, ScotlandMidnight tonight until 6am Saturday: Rain, England3am tomorrow until 9am Saturday: Rain, Northern Ireland12pm tomorrow until 12pm Saturday: eastern BritainNot the best day for punting on the River Cam!Tourists determined to make the most of a day out in Cambridge this afternoon are getting a soaking as they go for a punt in a downpour on the River Cam:

Vehicles try to avoid fallen tree in PerthshireVehicles are having mount the pavement to pass a fallen tree near Stanley in Perthshire today as heavy rain and strong winds continue to hit the area:

Network Rail manager explains forecastThe duty weather operations manager at Network Rail Scotland has explained in a video what has already happened with the weather today – and the forecast:

‘I’m not leaving’, says Brechin resident, 82A Brechin resident says he has no intention of leaving his home despite reported evacuations amid a red weather warning.

John Stewart, 82, said he will not be leaving his home should the local authorities attempt to evacuate him. Instead, Mr Stewart has built a wall around his garden to protect his home from flood damage.

He said the wall had successfully stopped water from getting in from the street previously where flooding was severe. He said: ‘I won’t be leaving because my wife won’t go.’

He added: ‘The trouble is, the last time there was flooding we couldn’t get sandbags and ended up paying £3 each for them. The council is supposed to give you that stuff and they don’t.’

Asked if he believes the council has a duty to supply such items to Brechin residents, he said they should ‘look after’ the people in the area.

Sky turns pink over Thanet in Kent this morningThere were bizarre scenes in Thanet, Kent, this morning when the sky turned pink.

While some residents joked that they felt like they were in a sci-fi film, an explanation was found from agriculture and plant factory Thanet Earth.

The site located in Birchington is Britain’s largest greenhouse complex and uses pink LED lights to supplement the reduced sunshine in the winter months.

Picture shows the sky turning pink over Thanet really was pink this morning

New Met Office map shows rainfall totalsThe Met Office has released an updated map showing how much rainfall is expected from Storm Babet between now and the end of tomorrow:

Met Office checks record books for rainfallStorm Babet could bring up to 250mm of rain in some areas of eastern Scotland, an amount that could be among the highest ever 24-hour totals for a ‘rainfall day’, Met Office figures show.

Some 238mm of rain was measured at Sloy Main Adit in Argyll & Bute between 9am on January 17, 1974 and 9am the following day.

This is the highest total on record in Scotland for what the Met Office calls a ‘rainfall day’: the 24 hours from 9am to 9am.

The highest equivalent total recorded in England is 279mm, on July 18, 1955 at Martinstown in Dorset, while the highest in Wales is 211mm, on November 11, 1929 at Lluest Wen Reservoir in Mid Glamorgan.

The highest in Northern Ireland is 159mm, recorded on October 31, 1968 at Tollymore Forest in County Down.

The highest total for any 24-hour period in the UK is 341.4mm, recorded from 6pm December 4 2015 to 6pm the following day at Honister Pass in Cumbria.

Barber cleans up after major flooding damageFirat Freddie Uygun is pictured today outside his barber shop Fresh ‘N’ Freddie on Main Street in Midleton, County Cork, which has been damaged by flooding:

Evacuation over concern river will burst banksScott Walker, former chief executive of the National Farmers Union of Scotland, has said there is concern that the South Esk River in Angus will burst its banks, hence the evacuation:

Picture reveals how ScotRail train hit treeScotRail has posted a picture of how its 5.17am Oban to Glasgow service struck a tree near Taynuilt, which became wedged under the train:

Landslides possible in ScotlandThe British Geological Survey has warned Storm Babet could cause landslides in Scotland.

A spokesperson for the British Geological Survey said: ‘Whilst the landslides will be different to last week’s failures in the West of Scotland with less potential of large-scale debris flows, there is a history of coastal landslides within the warning area.

‘Infrastructure slopes are also likely to be affected with potential for disruption to roads and railway within the warning area.’

Video of wobbly landing at Aberdeen AirportSteven Milne filmed this video of a bumpy landing at Aberdeen Airport on this morning’s KLM flight from Amsterdam:

No buses in Angus after 6pm todayAngus Council has said that no local bus services will operate after 6pm today, which is when the red warning begins and people are being advised not to travel.

‘Extensive river and surface water flooding’ The Scottish Environment Protection Agency has said they are expecting ‘extensive river and surface water flooding’ as Storm Babet hits.

Flood Duty Manager Pascal Lardet said: ‘Scotland has already experienced a significant flood event this month, which communities are still recovering from, and some of the rainfall totals forecast for this week are higher than experienced over that weekend – albeit in some different areas.

‘We’re expecting extensive river and surface water flooding in affected areas, with widespread impacts to transport and infrastructure. There is a risk of more significant community scale property flooding – and there will be danger to life.’

Sandbags in Brechin amid evacuation orderPeople in more than 350 homes in Brechin, Angus, have been ordered to evacuate over concerns that Storm Babet could flood the town.

Here, photographs taken earlier today show local resident Christopher McGuire placing sandbags at houses on River Street the town ahead of the red warning beginning at 6pm today:

Newcastle school shuts due to storm damageJesmond Park Academy in Newcastle-upon-Tyne has been forced to close after high winds from Storm Babet caused ‘extensive damage’ to the building’s roof:

Concrete wave barriers repaired in SwanageFurther along the south coast at Swanage in Dorset today, Environment Agency workers have been repairing concrete wave barriers – and shingle and seaweed washed up on the seafront road overnight:

‘Oh I do like to be beside the seaside…’Despite the wet and windy conditions today, walkers have been braving the weather along the south coast at Southsea in Hampshire:

Workers clear drainage ditch before stormWorkers have been seen clearing a drainage ditch ahead of Storm Babet in the Scottish village of Edzell, which is within the red warning area in Angus:

Video shows huge waves in the North SeaTake a look at this extraordinary video posted by Angus Gillies on X of huge waves at Captain Oil Field in the North Sea:

Aluminium sheeting comes off golf buildingAluminium sheeting is said to have come off a building at Carnoustie Golf Links in Angus, with the building evacuated and people told to avoid the area:

Major rail disruption north of NewcastleRail passengers heading north from Newcastle are facing major disruption this afternoon after a domestic power cable fell onto the railway’s overhead lines:

Breaking: 360 homes evacuated in BrechinAngus Council is now ordering residents at 360 homes in Brechin, Angus, to evacuate their homes now ahead of the red weather warning.

‘Stay at home’, says Scottish GovernmentCrisis talks have been held by the Scottish Government, chaired by Deputy First Minister Shona Robison, and drivers have been urged not to use the roads especially in Angus and South Aberdeenshire.

Ms Robison said: ‘Red warnings are rarely issued and this reflects how serious the impacts will be from exceptional weather. If you are in parts of Angus and South Aberdeenshire affected, stay at home.

‘Other parts of Scotland are also at risk as rivers respond and drainage systems become overwhelmed, exacerbated by many catchments already saturated following last week’s heavy rainfall and flooding.’

UK weather forecast for this afternoonThe Met Office has release this map showing how rain is becoming heavy and persistent across central and eastern Scotland this afternoon:

All Highland Council bus services suspendedHighland Council has announced that all its bus services will be suspended from now until further notice due to Storm Babet:

UK weather forecast for beyond Storm BabetWeather warnings for Storm Babet are currently active and are due to run until the end of Saturday – with much of the UK experiencing heavy rain and strong winds.

Looking ahead, Met Office expert meteorologist Christoph Almond said: ‘Sunday looks like a quieter day for many, although there will still be some showers around.

‘However, in lighter winds and with temperatures above average, it could feel comparatively pleasant for a short time.

‘However, on Monday, more heavy rain and showers look like spreading in from the southwest, and that sets the scene for the coming week. While most places will see rain or showers at some point – southern areas could bear the brunt of these.’

Warning over storm causing sewer floodingScottish Water has warned of the risk of sewer flooding as Storm Babet hits Scotland and said staff are on standby.

The organisation said sewer flooding reports are expected to increase as drainage systems become overwhelmed by the extreme rainfall.

John Griffen, Scottish Water’s water operations general manager said: ‘We have activated contingency plans including increasing the numbers of staff and contractors on standby to support customers experiencing sewer flooding, and protect our critical infrastructure across water and waste water services.’

Waves continue to smash into South ShieldsHere are some more dramatic pictures taken this morning of huge waves hitting South Shields Pier and Lighthouse in the North East:

East Coast Main Line is shut near EdinburghThe East Coast Main Line has been closed by Network Rail at East Linton, south of Edinburgh, with officials saying a ‘power transmission line above the railway has fallen onto the tracks’.

This will affect passengers using LNER, ScotRail, CrossCountry, TransPennine Express and Lumo trains.

Breaking: New warning for Northern IrelandThe Met Office has also issued a new weather warning for showers or longer spells of rain across Northern Ireland from 3am tomorrow until 9am on Saturday:

Roads turn to rivers amid flooding in IrelandMore videos are emerging of severe flooding that has hit the Republic of Ireland – including these from Tallow in County Waterford and Midleton in County Cork:

Environment Agency braces for heavy rainMartin Christmas, the Environment Agency’s operations manager for West Yorkshire, has filmed a video explainig how workers are preparing for the heavy rain:

Breaking: Red rain warning is expandedThe Met Office has just updated its red weather warning for rain, which will now cover a wider area of Scotland, bringing ‘exceptionally heavy and persistent rain’:

Breaking: London warning is cancelledThe Met Office is currently updating its weather warnings by resizing and retiming them – and London is no longer covered by a rain or wind warning this week.

We’ll bring you an updated list later on once they have finished the changes.

Met Office graphic reveals new amber warningA new amber warning for rain has been issued for parts of northern England, the Midlands and Wales as Storm Babet batters the UK.

The warning is in place from noon tomorrow to 6am on Saturday due to persistent heavy rain. Homes and businesses are likely to be flooded and some communities could be cut off by flooded roads.

Between 40mm and 60mm of rain is likely, with the potential for between 80mm and 120mm on higher ground, the Met Office said. Here is a map showing the impact:

More flood barriers in red warning areaPeople cross a flood defence barrier erected on Church Street in the village of Edzell in Angus this morning, which will be within the red warning area later on:

Breaking: Amber warning is extendedThe Met Office has just announced that the amber warning for rain has now been extended to parts of northern and central England as well as North Wales.

The warning, which previously just covered parts of Scotland, will be active from 12pm tomorrow until 6am on Saturday.

Flood barrier installed on bridge in PerthA flood barrier has also been installed on Queens Bridge in Peth as heavy rain and strong winds begin to hit the city which is covered by an amber weather warning:

Floodgates in Aberdeenshire are closedFloodgates at Stonehaven in Aberdeenshire have been closed ahead of Storm Babet hitting the area, which is one of those affected by the red warning from 6pm today:

Huge oak tree falls next to railway lineNetwork Rail Scotland has revealed a huge oak tree has been broken by the wind, near the Tay Bridge at the A92. The railway in this area is closed today:

How Storm Babet will now last for 82 hoursThe yellow warning for rain in Scotland has now been extended to run from 6am tomorrow until 11.59pm on Saturday.

This will cover the Grampian; Highlands & Eilean Siar; and Dumfries, Galloway, Lothian & Borders regions.

This means that under the weather warnings, Storm Babet is due to last for a total of nearly 82 hours – from 2pm yesterday until 11.59pm on Saturday.

Breaking: Storm Babet end time is extendedThe Met Office has just updated its weather warnings to state that Storm Babet will now cause impacts until 11.59pm on Saturday.

Previously, the warnings were due to finish at 12pm on Saturday.

Ominous skies at Bridgend this morningClouds gather at Porthcawl near Bridgend in Wales this morning as the UK braces for heavy wind and rain from Storm Babet:

Storm Babet arrives in AberdeenUniversity of Aberdeen lecturer Andrew Whitehouse has posted this video of the storm arriving in the Granite City this morning ahead of conditions deteriorating:

Warning over bus disruption in ScotlandStagecoach has warned bus passengers of disruption in eastern Scotland today.

It said the X7 route from Aberdeen to Perth will be impacted by the closure of Lower Northwater Bridge in Aberdeenshire, with services diverted from Montrose to Marykirk, A90 and B967. St Cyrus and Johnshaven will not be served:

Nearly four inches of rain falls in 48 hoursThe most rain recorded in the British Isles over the past 48 hours has been at Roche’s Point in Cork which saw 93mm (3.7in), 74mm (2.9in) of which was in the past 24 hours.

Dan Harris, deputy chief meteorologist at the Met Office, has the details:

The party carries on despite Storm Babet!The severe weather brought by Storm Babet will likely lead many people to stay at home, but it couldn’t dampen the spirits of students in Nottingham last night.

They were seen going out in fancy dress despite the cold and rain – and plastic bags became the unexpected fashion accessory of the night, with several revellers opting to wear them on their heads to shield themselves from the elements:

Balmoral castle and estate are closedThe Royal Family’s Balmoral castle and estate has been closed to the public today and tomorrow due to the weather in Aberdeenshire:

Cairngorm Mountain closes all facilities todayAll facilities at Cairngorm Mountain have been closed today due to the storm:

Damage to watersports firm filmed in video We reported yesterday on a watersports business based in Torquay, Devon, which was decimated after being swept away by Storm Babet.

Two shipping containers belonging to Soak Lifestyle – one which was full of paddleboards – were claimed by the sea. Here is a video of the damage:

Video shows waves crashing into SeahamWe’ve already brought you pictures of huge waves crashing into Seaham in County Durham this morning. Now, watch a dramatic video filmed at the same location:

Will Storm Babet impact by-elections turnout?In politics today, the Tories are braced for a battering as voters head for the polls in two crucial by-elections in Mid Bedfordshire and Tamworth.

The areas are expected to be spared the worst effects of Storm Babet, but conditions are still likely to be grim – raising the possibility that turnout could be supressed.

Read the full story from MailOnline’s political editor James Tapsfield:

Aberdeen FC closes club shop and ticket officeAberdeen FC has confirmed its club shop and ticket office will be closed today due to the storm:

Full story – Storm Babet to batter Britain todayStorm Babet is set to batter Britain today after the Met Office issued an extremely rare ‘danger to life’ warning with 70mph gale force winds and over a month’s worth of rain expected. Here is the full story on MailOnline:

Avoid coastal areas, council tells residentsNorth Tyneside Council has warned people to avoid coastal areas, with the severe weather likely to cause sea spray and overtopping waves:

Waves smash into South Shields PierHuge waves crash onto South Shields Pier in the North East this morning at sunrise:

Waves reach base of sea wall in NorfolkWaves are starting to build at Walcott on the Norfolk coast this morning as they reach the base of the sea wall, as shown in this video:

Boat rocks on the River Tyne in high windsStorm Babet is bringing strong winds to Britain, with this boat seen rocking on the River Tyne this morning:

Who is Babet and what’s behind the name?Storm Babet was a name selected by the Dutch weather agency KMNI.

KMNI told MailOnline that it had asked visitors at an open day in October last year for suggestions for storm names. A visitor called Babet entered her own name, saying it was ‘because I was born during a storm’.

M25 travel updates during Storm BabetThere have been two separate incidents causing delays on the M25 around London this morning – one near Clacton Lane Services and the other near Waltham Abbey. It is not yet clear whether the storm has had an impact on either incident.

Latest Met Office weather warning mapsThese are the latest Met Office weather warning maps – with a mixture of yellow, amber and red alerts in place across Britain from today until Saturday.




Heavy rain hits Perth as storm sweeps inHeavy rain and wind is hitting Perth in Scotland today, which is one of the areas covered by an amber weather warning as Storm Babet hits:

Tree blocks EMR trains in LincolnshireEast Midlands Railway (EMR) says a tree has blocked the railway between Barton-On-Humber and Grimsby Town stations in Lincolnshire. Buses are set to run:

Stormy conditions on London Bridge todayCommuters crossing London Bridge this morning are also enduring wet and windy conditions as Storm Babet has an impact on the weather across the UK:

Scotland gets third of annual rainfall in a dayLaura Tobin, the weather presenter on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, has pointed out that parts of Scotland could see one third of their annual rainfall in one day today:

Wet and windy start for Londoners todayWhile the rain warning for London does not come into place until 6am tomorrow, conditions were blustery this morning – with windswept commuters seen crossing Waterloo Bridge today:

Full list of school closures due to Storm BabetAngus Council has announced all schools and early years centres will close at lunchtime today due to Storm Babet. Schools will remain closed tomorrow.

In addition, these schools will be shut all day today:

Colliston Primary SchoolCortachy Primary School Isla Primary SchoolStracathro Primary School Strathmartine Primary SchoolTealing Primary SchoolAberdeenshire Council has also revealed these schools will be closed today:

Bervie School Bervie School Crombie School Kellands School Meldrum School Mill O’ Forest School Newtonhill School Uryside School Storm destroys man’s umbrella in LondonA commuter’s umbrella was completely obliterated by the strong winds on Waterloo Bridge in London this morning as Storm Babet sweeps in:

Which parts of Ireland have faced flooding?Flooding has been reported in Midleton, Whitegate, Rathcormac, Glandore, Ringaskiddy, Carrigaline, Raffeen, Halfway and Casteltownbere in County Cork.

In County Waterford, there was flooding in Dungarvan, Tallow and Clashmore.

Clean-up operation in Ireland after floodingA major clean-up operation is under way in Counties Cork and Waterford today after flooding swamped several towns and villages in Ireland during Storm Babet.

Some areas are still underwater this morning, with members of the Irish Defence Forces deployed as part of the response to the floods.

The army and civil defence units supported evacuation measures in the town of Midleton in Co Cork, where more than 100 properties were flooded. Businesses, including a supermarket, were damaged by the rapidly rising water levels.

While the floods have since receded, almost 500 electricity customers in Midleton remained without power this morning, with network engineers from ESB working to restore supply. Here are some pictures of the flooding in the town:

ScotRail disruption today due to ‘slippery rails’National Rail has just revealed that ‘slippery rails’ between Renton and Alexandria in Scotland mean trains currently cannot run between Dalreoch and Balloch:

Scottish Daily Mail – ‘Braced for Babet’Here is the Scottish Daily Mail’s coverage of Storm Babet on page two of today’s newspaper, which warns that thousands of Scots face a ‘risk to life’:

Mudeford Quay is also hit by big wavesThe south coast of England has also experienced severe weather over the past 24 hours, with big waves crashing into Mudeford Quay in Dorset today:

Huge waves strike North East England coastThis stunning photograph shows Storm Babet battering the North East coast of England this morning as huge waves strike Seaham lighthouse in County Durham:

How unusual is a Met Office red warning?The Met Office has activated a rare red warning for rain in eastern Scotland.

Such a warning is issued when dangerous weather is forecast and it is ‘very likely there will be a risk to life’. People are told to avoid travelling where possible.

The last red warning anywhere in the UK for rain was in February 2022 for Storm Eunice, which was the most damaging storm to hit England and Wales since 2014.

But today’s is the first red warning for rain in Scotland since Storm Desmond in 2015, when more than 100 homes were evacuated in Hawick, Roxburghshire.

Other red warnings were issued for Storm Arwen on north-eastern coasts in November 2021 and Storm Dennis in South Wales in February 2020.

There was also a red warning for extreme heat last year when a heatwave saw temperatures reach unprecedented levels, passing 40C for the first time on July 19.

How do storms in Britain get their names?Storm Babet was named by the Met Office on Monday and is the second named storm of the season.

The first storm to be given a name was Abigail back in 2015. Click below for MailOnline’s explainer on everything you need to know about Britain’s storm titles:

What is a Met Office red weather warning?The Met Office lists the hazards of a red warning as ‘danger to life from fast flowing or deep floodwater’, ‘extensive flooding to homes and businesses’, ‘collapsed or damaged buildings’ and ‘road closures and bus and train service delays and cancellations’.

Here is the full list of what it says people should expect:

Danger to life from fast flowing or deep floodwaterExtensive flooding to homes and businessesCollapsed or damaged buildings or structuresRoad closures and bus and train service delays and cancellationsDangerous driving conditions because of spray and flooded roadsLoss of power and other essential services, such as gas, water and mobile phone serviceCommunities completely cut off, perhaps for several days’Unprecedented levels of rain’ for ScotlandThe Scottish Environment Protection Agency (Sepa) has warned of ‘unprecedented levels of rain’ due to Storm Babet – with up to 10in (250mm) set to fall.

It has six flood warnings in place as of 8am today, along with 14 flood alerts:

Angus schools will shut at lunchtime today Angus Council said schools will close at lunchtime today and remain shut tomorrow to ‘ensure the safety of children, young people, parents, and school staff’.

Here is a video statement from the council’s Facebook page, issued yesterday:

Flooding in rural Oxfordshire this morningFlooded is also beginnning to have an impact on country lanes in Oxfordshire today, as this photograph in Dunsden taken by Geoffrey Swaine this morning shows:

Two months’ worth of rain could fallThese Met Office maps show just how much rain could fall in the wettest parts of eastern Scotland over the next few days:

‘Apocalyptic’ flooding with residents strandedLiam Quaide, independent councillor for East Cork, said the scenes of flooding on Mill Street and Main Street in the town of Midleton were ‘apocalyptic’.

Mr Quaide said: ‘My wife and I were bringing our daughter home from Cork University Hospital today and we got stranded for several hours with many other local residents on the outskirts of town as both roads home were off limits. We tried a couple of perilous detours and had to turn back.

‘The scenes of devastation in Midleton today were an ominous sign of what is ahead of us as a nation if we don’t double down on climate mitigation and adaptation.

‘I’d like to commend the heroic work of Cork County Council staff, the Fire Service and Civil Defence Forces who worked around the clock evacuating and providing assistance to many people in distress.’

Supermarket destroyed by floodingCork County Council said more than a month’s worth of rain had fallen in the space of 24 hours, leading to unprecedented flooding, saturated land and high river levels.

This video shows a supermarket damaged by severe flooding in Midleton:

Met Office map of wind and rain this morningThe Met Office has warned of ‘very strong easterly winds’ in Scotland this morning with damaging gusts and persistent heavy rain due to Storm Babet:

‘Reduce speed and drive with extra caution’Drivers are being urged to take extra care on roads in Northern Ireland today – the first area of the UK to come under a weather warning for Storm Babet, which began at 2pm yesterday:

Chaos in Cork as flooding hits 100 propertiesOver in the Republic of Ireland, members of the Irish Defence Forces have been deployed to a town in the south of the country to deal with extensive flooding due to Storm Babet.

The army and civil defence units supported evacuation measures in the town of Midleton, Co Cork, where more than 100 properties were flooded.

A number of businesses, including a prominent supermarket, were damaged by severe flooding.

Cork County Council said more than a month’s worth of rain had fallen in the space of 24 hours, leading to unprecedented flooding, saturated land and high river levels across the county.

Aviation enthusiasts watch planes land in stormThe stormy weather could lead to some bumpy landings for those taking flights today, with aviation enthusiast Simon Lowe currently at Manchester Airport watching the planes come in and broadcasting it live on YouTube:

UK weather forecast for Babet wind and rainThe Met Office has issued these colourful maps showing which areas will see the most rain and wind over the next few days as Storm Babet sweeps into Britain:

Warning over Gatwick Express and ThameslinkNational Rail has also warned Storm Babet is ‘likely to impact Gatwick Express, Great Northern, Southern and Thameslink services’ until the end of tomorrow.

It said the severe weather is ‘expected to make contact with a large part of the Gatwick Express, Great Northern, Southern and Thameslink network’.

Routes in more exposed coastal locations are most likely to be impacted.

Major disruption to CrossCountry rail services Storm Babet is having a major impact on CrossCountry, which runs trains between Aberdeen and Penzance. Severe weather between Exeter St Davids and Paignton / Plymouth means CrossCountry service will not run between these stations.

The operator has listed the following service amendments for today:

06:10 Derby – Plymouth terminates at Exeter St Davids at 09:4506:12 Leeds – Plymouth terminates at Bristol Temple Meads at 09:3506:20 Plymouth – Edinburgh will start from Bristol TM at 08:3506:28 Penzance – Edinburgh will start from Bristol TM 10.3506:40 Bristol TM – Plymouth terminates at Exeter St Davids at 07:3707:27 Plymouth – Edinburgh will start from Exeter St Davids 08:2708:03 Manchester Piccadilly – Paignton will terminate at Bristol TM at 11:0008:12 Bristol TM – Paignton will not run08:37 Penzance – Edinburgh will start from Bristol TM 12:3509.27 Plymouth – Edinburgh will start from Exeter St Davids at 10:2710:14 Paignton – Manchester Piccadilly will start from Bristol TM at 12:0013:00 Bristol TM – Manchester Pic will start from Birmingham NS at 14:3014:03 Manchester Piccadilly – Paignton terminates at Bristol TM14:38 Paignton – Manchester Piccadilly will start from Bristol TM at 17:0020:19 Paignton – Manchester Piccadilly will start from Exeter St D at 20:56There will be four additional services running as follows today:

08:02 Newton Abbot – Plymouth10:09 Newton Abbot – Plymouth07:27 Plymouth – Newton Abbot09:27 Plymouth – Newton AbbotForecast update from ITV’s Laura TobinLaura Tobin has just given an update on Storm Babet on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, explaining the amount of rainfall on the way and the flooding risk:

Caledonian Sleeper cancels Highland servicesCaledonian Sleeper services tonight between Aberdeen, Fort William, Inverness and London Euston – in both directions – have been cancelled. Services between Glasgow, Edinburgh and Euston are expected to be running as scheduled.

Tomorrow night’s services between Aberdeen / Fort William / Inverness and London Euston (in both directions) are being ‘monitored’, with the operator warning: ‘There is currently a high probability that they will be cancelled.’ Services between Glasgow, Edinburgh and Euston are expected to be running as scheduled tomorrow night.

Full list of rail suspensions in Scotland todayHere is a full list of services suspended in Scotland today due to Storm Babet:

Edinburgh – InvernessEdinburgh – Aberdeen via FifeEdinburgh – PerthEdinburgh – Glenrothes with Thornton / CowdenbeathGlasgow Queen Street – InvernessGlasgow Queen Street – AberdeenGlasgow Queen Street and Perth / DundeeDundee – ArbroathMontrose – Aberdeen / Dyce / InverurieStonehaven / Aberdeen – InvernessAberdeen – HuntlyInverness – WickMajor rail disruption in Scotland due to stormMass train cancellations have been imposed by ScotRail, expected to last from today until Saturday.

Trains are suspended in North and North East Scotland while the South and West will be hit by delays today.

Services have been suspended between Aberdeen and Elgin; Edinburgh and Aberdeen via Fife; and Perth and Aberdeen via Dundee.

Trains between Dunblane and Perth will be put on hold; as well as Perth and Aviemore; and Tain and Wick / Thurso; and all Fife Circle services will be suspended, impacting services between Glasgow Queen Street and Aberdeen / Inverness; and between Edinburgh Waverley and Aberdeen / Inverness.

Scotland braces for up to ONE FOOT of rainUp to a foot of rain could be dumped on Scotland in just 24 hours with the potential to cause life-threatening floods and strong winds as Storm Babet inches up Britain.

A near-record amount of precipitation is predicted to fall on areas of Perthshire and Aberdeenshire today and tomorrow as the low pressure system crawls its way north.

Read the full story on MailOnline by clicking below:

What are the UK weather warnings this week?Here are all of the Met Office weather warnings now in place for Storm Babet:

Now until 10am today: Yellow rain warning for all of Northern IrelandNow until 12pm tomorrow: Yellow wind warning for northern ScotlandNow until 6am Saturday: Yellow rain warning for most of Scotland10am today until 6pm today: Amber wind warning for eastern Scotland6pm today until 6am Saturday: Yellow rain warning for northern England6pm today until 9am tomorrow: Amber rain warning for North East Scotland6pm today until 12pm tomorrow: Red rain warning for eastern Scotland6am tomorrow until 8pm tomorrow: Yellow rain warning for South East12pm tomorrow until 12pm Saturday: Yellow wind warning for eastern BritainUK weather forecast for todayThis Met Office map shows how heavy rain and strong winds are affecting Northern Ireland, southern Scotland and northern England this morning:

‘Be prepared for potential flooding’David Morgan, Flood Duty Manager for the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA), said: ‘Storm Babet will bring heavy rain and high winds across Scotland from Wednesday evening, starting in the southwest before moving across to the northeast through Thursday and into the weekend.

‘Impacts from surface water and rivers are likely, and with catchments saturated from recent heavy rain and flooding, we’re urging people to be prepared for potential flooding. There is also concern that surface-water flooding may be exacerbated by debris blocking drainage, culverts, etc. as a result of the high winds.

‘Flood Alerts and Warnings will be issued as required, and we continue to work with the Met Office to monitor the situation 24/7. People can check our Flood Updates for all the latest information and the three-day Scottish Flood Forecast to see what conditions are expected further ahead.

‘If you live or work in an area that could be affected, consider any steps you need to take now to be prepared and stay safe, and to take extra care if you need to travel.

‘If you have not already signed up to Floodline, you can do so now to receive free updates for where you live, or travel through, directly to your phone. Follow SEPA’s social media, especially @SEPAflood on X for the latest information.’

Met Office map reveals red warning areaHere is a map from the Met Office showing where the red warning is in place today:

Yellow weather warnings in place elsewhereAway from North East Scotland where a red warning is in place, other large swathes of the rest of the country will also see strong winds and heavy rain today.

Yellow severe weather warnings have been issued until Saturday, covering already-saturated parts of Scotland, Northern Ireland, and northern and eastern England.

Storm Babet, a complex area of low pressure which developed to the west of the Iberian peninsula, was named by the Met Office on Monday morning.

Here is a picture of huge waves hitting Teignmouth in Devon yesterday:

‘Extremely dangerous weather’ is comingThe Met Office has warned of ‘extremely dangerous weather’ on the way today.

Forecaster Greg Dewhurst said: ‘We’re going to see prolonged heavy rain, where we could see 200mm (8in) to 250mm (10in) of rain falling within a day which is well over a month’s worth of rainfall for eastern parts of Scotland.

‘We’re likely to see flooding, power disruption, travel disruption, there is a risk to life as well.

‘There’s also an amber wind warning out for eastern parts of Scotland, where we could see gusts of 60mph to 70mph, just adding to the extremely dangerous weather coming for parts of Scotland.’

Welcome to MailOnline’s liveblogGood morning and welcome to MailOnline’s liveblog as the UK braces for impact from Storm Babet.

A rare red weather warning is in place amid concerns over prolonged heavy rain with up to 10in (250mm) set to fall and the country facing 70mph gusts.

Follow MailOnline’s liveblog throughout today for all the latest updates.

Key Updates

10,000 Scottish homes lose power

360 homes evacuated in Brechin

Red rain warning is expanded

Amber warning is extended

Storm Babet end time is extended

Major disruption to CrossCountry rail services