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King Charles 75th Birthday LIVE Updates: Gun Salute To Be Held At The Tower Of London As Prince Harry To Send Well Wishes From LA

By Natasha Anderson

Published: 07:53, 14 November 2023 | Updated: 08:29, 14 November 2023

How Charles has rushed to show that the monarchy remains relevant – as historian says ‘he still needs to setout a clear vision’After the seven-decade reign of his late mother, Queen Elizabeth II, Charles has rushed to show that the monarchy remains relevant in modern British society.

He’s made three overseas visits, pledged to open the royal archives to researchers investigating the crown’s links to slavery and expressed ‘sorrow and regret’ for ‘abhorrent and unjustifiable acts of violence’ committed against Kenyans during their struggle for independence.

Charles’s reign has gotten off to a steady start, but he still needs to set out a clear vision for the future, said Ed Owens, an historian and author of ‘After Elizabeth: Can the Monarchy Save Itself?’

‘It’s a difficult moment for the monarchy because it’s going through this period of transition from being adulated as a default position to now being questioned and challenged in new ways,’ Owens said.

‘And I just wish that the king and his heir would set out more clearly what they want to do rather than take for granted what they think the British public want from the monarchy.’

Why does King Charles have two birthdays?You may think that there is a grand ceremonial reason behind Charles having two birthdays as King.

In fact, the explanation is far more straightforward but equally as British: it is do with the weather.

Because the Sovereign’s birthday is officially celebrated by the ceremony of Trooping the Colour, known as the King’s Birthday Parade, it is more practical to celebrate it in the summer months when sunnier weather is more likely.

While King Charles will officially celebrate his 75th birthday on 14 November later this year, he has already had a birthday party this year, when the Trooping the Colour took place on Saturday June 17.

Monarch to celebrate work of nurses todayCharles will also host a Buckingham Palace reception highlighting the work of nurses and midwives over the decades as part of the NHS 75 celebrations.

Among the guests will be around 400 nurses and midwives alongside the Chief Nursing Officer of England Dame Ruth May and Amanda Pritchard, chief executive of NHS England.

Birthday celebrations began early for the King when he was guest of honour at a party staged in the grounds of his Highgrove home in Gloucestershire yesterday.

Charles joined a host of people, from community stalwarts nominated by friends and family who were also turning 75 this year, to representatives from organisations marking the same milestone, from the NHS to members of the Windrush generation.

Among the famous faces at the event were celebrity chef Raymond Blanc, The Repair Shop host Jay Blades and singer Leee John from the 1980s group Imagination.

King to launch food project on 75th birthdayKing Charles will officially launch the Coronation Food Project with the Queen which aims to bridge the gap between food waste and food need.

The royal couple will visit a surplus food distribution centre outside London and meet staff and volunteers to hear about the ways in which food waste can be used for social good.

The Sherborne Food Bank has already sent well-wishes to the King today and praised the food waste initiative.

Prince Harry will ‘call the King’ todayPrince Harry is expected to call King Charles III as he turns 75 today.

But the Duke of Sussex and his family will not travel to London where his father is holding a small celebratory gathering at Clarence House this evening.

However, it appears there will be an olive branch from Montecito later today, with a phone this afternoon or evening due to the time difference in California.

Happy birthday, King CharlesGood morning and welcome to our live blog. The King will mark his 75th birthday today by busily highlighting causes close to his heart. Follow along for as we provide updates on all the royal festivities.