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Home » Inside Disgraced Stephen Bear’s First Night Of Freedom: Shamed Reality TV Star Ate Domino’s Pizza With Family As He Was Thrown Belated Birthday Party (And Had A Hair Cut) Following His Release From Prison

Inside Disgraced Stephen Bear’s First Night Of Freedom: Shamed Reality TV Star Ate Domino’s Pizza With Family As He Was Thrown Belated Birthday Party (And Had A Hair Cut) Following His Release From Prison

Stephen Bear tucked into Domino’s pizza as he enjoyed a belated birthday party with his family after he was released from prison on Wednesday two days after his 34th birthday.

The convicted sex offender was welcomed home after serving half of his 21-month sentence for sharing a sex tape of his Love Island ex Georgia Harrison.

The disgraced TV star’s sister said he is ‘hiding under no rock’ as he ditched his long locks and rosary beads for the family celebration after leaving HMP Brixton looking almost unrecognisable.

Bear, who won Celebrity Big Brother in 2016, was jailed in March after filming and uploading footage of him having sex with Ms Harrison in his garden on OnlyFans.

Despite leaving prison with a shaggy beard, long hair and visible rosary, used by Catholics in prayer, just hours later he was seen looking much closer to his previous closely-groomed self in a video shared to social media by his sister Hayley.

Bear’s family all gathered to celebrate his 34th birthday, which was on Monday, with clips showing them eating pizza and catching up in the family home in London.

Among those present were his parents, Linda and Stephen Senior, as well as his sister Hayley and several other relatives.

Bear’s sister Hayley posted images of the family tucking into Domino’s pizza

Stephen Bear drastically changed his appearance and gave his long locks the chop just hours after leaving prison on Wednesday looking unrecognisable

Photographs from last night showed Bear being greeted with a ‘happy birthday’ banner as he greeted his dogs before hugging his mother.

Dressed in a blue tracksuit, Bear was seen chatting with relatives as they celebrated his release on licence after spending 11 months in jail.

On release he was dressed in a grey and yellow T-shirt and shorts and trainers, despite the cold temperatures. Hanging from his neck was a rosary – which Catholics use to pray. 

Sources close to Bear previously told how he is ‘not the same man’ who went into HMP Brixton, emphasising he plans to focus on spending time with his family on release.

His sister Hayley posted the video on Instagram of the reunited family on Wednesday night, with images showing them tucking into pizza. Bear had already cut off his hair and beard just a few hours after arriving home.

Hayley captioned the video: ‘No-one’s hiding under no rock’.

On Thursday he was photographed leaving the family home in London to buy coffee from a nearby cafe. He wore a grey Nike tracksuit and trainers, with a camo-print coat and sunglasses.

His sister Hayley posted the video on Instagram of the reunited family on Wednesday night

Bear was seen purchasing a coffee early on Thursday morning after his release the day before

Bear (right) waves to the camera as his family celebrated his belated 34th birthday

Bear was spotted leaving the family home after celebrating with his family last night

Stephen Bear was seen getting his eyebrows done near to his home

Bear was later seen sampling aftershaves on his day of personal grooming

The shamed reality TV star returned to his closely groomed appearance after leaving HMP Brixton looking unrecognisable

Later on Thursday Bear was seen carrying a bowl of oranges at a local market

He was later seen indulging in a pampering session which included having his eyebrows plucked and browsing aftershaves.

Bear was jailed in March after being convicted of voyeurism, disclosing private, sexual photographs and films with intent to cause distress, and harassment without violence. 

He provoked outrage with his arrogant and disrespectful behaviour in court – regularly turning up in a Rolls Royce that he had rented for £475 a day.

He must wear an ankle tag for the remainder of his sentence and also has a restraining order that bans him from contacting Ms Harrison for five years. 

A source had earlier told The Sun: [Bear] has been telling pals he’s not the same man that went into prison,’ they said.

‘There will be no hopping back on to social media or rolling straight back into the nearest nightclub when he gets out, he says he just wants to get back to east London and his family.’

The source said ‘time will tell’ if he has ‘changed’.

In October, Bear’s ex Ms Harrison appeared on stage at Labour’s conference in Liverpool to demand abuse cases are given priority in courts.

The former star of reality shows The Only Way Is Essex – who has waived her right to anonymity – spoke of her long wait for justice. 

Bear was seen wearing a tag. A restraining order prevents him from making contact with Ms Harrison 

Bear sports a series of tattoos, including an etching of The Joker on his left arm 

Bear leaves HMP Brixton yesterday after being released on licence half way through his term 

Bear, who turned 34 on Monday, was seen greeting his dogs before hugging his mother

She said it took two years from the day she reported the crime for Bear to be convicted and warned about the impact of long legal processes on victims of other crimes, such as rape and domestic abuse.

The 28-year-old said she now has an ‘onslaught’ of women reaching out to her for help on social media following her high-profile case.

She also called for ‘massive online platforms’ to be required to take down sexually explicit content which had been posted without consent. 

Speaking on a panel on the main stage of Labour’s conference, Ms Harrison said it was ‘really important that victims feel they are going to be taken seriously when they’re going to the police’.

‘I speak to a lot of girls who just feel like they weren’t taken seriously or no one really understood when they did go to the police,’ she added.

‘One thing I wanted to highlight from my personal experience is I feel there needs to be more support for victims when they do choose to call the police and go into the court system.

‘For me, from the day I reported the crime, it took me two whole years to get a conviction.’

Ms Harrison spoke of how the two-year legal ordeal she endured was ‘detrimental to my career and my mental health, which was really hard for me’.

She added: ‘But I couldn’t help but think, imagine if you were either a victim of domestic abuse or a sexual assault, if you had been raped.

‘And you get a phone call to say ‘actually you’re going to have to wait a whole other year to even get inside a court room’.

‘You’ve got to spend the next year of your life walking down the street not knowing if you’re going to get attacked, killed, violated – how would you live with that?

‘It would be so nice if the courts could make sure if it is a victim of sexual assault or domestic abuse – especially as in a domestic abusive relationship, that amount of time leaves the perpetrator so long to manipulate them to drop the charges – I think those sort of cases should be prioritised and 90 per cent of those victims are women.’